6 Things You Should Do If You Take A Road Trip in Ireland

Mar 12th, 2019

The ideal adventure can be set up as packing your stuff in a car and setting off on a road trip. Such a trip offers freedom to visit places at your own pace while quenching your exploration thirst. Road trips can be a result of spontaneous decisions or a planned activity. Ireland offers the most exotic and scenic views that range from mountains, lakes, and lush greenery. While deciding on that road trip, you should make a point of doing the following to make your trip thrilling and exciting:

1)    Have a Plan

Despite the urge to hit the road and to follow it until the end, it is important to know where to go, what to look for, and the vehicles to use. While planning a road trip in Ireland, the best way to do this is to hire a self-drive vehicle for that explorative kind of people who seek flexibility and the need for personal space.

Also, find a driving route on an updated map that will take you to your destination. However, the maps may not be as accurate and might not factor in changes that might have occurred overnight. Ireland road trips do not have to be complicated. To end all uncertainty on these roads, consult a tour company. These companies may provide a car, a map and create a route for your road trip. They can also assign a guide who will be with you always.

2)    Carry Your Paperwork and Documents With You

Carry your license and other documents that are necessary while on the road. These documents should help in easy identification during security stops and in case of an accident. You can also carry the contract signed while hiring the car in case any issues arise. Keep the documents in the glove compartment for easier retrieval too.

3)    Observe Road Rules

Ireland road rules are strict. An offense can attract hefty fines, imprisonment, and even deportation depending on the severity. Observe the road signs and speed limits to avoid this. Due to the landscape, the roads are steep and have many bends. You should exercise caution and stay vigilant if it is your first time driving on these roads.

4)    Carry Safety and Mechanic Kits

While driving, make sure the car has a fully equipped first aid kit. This comes in handy in case of accidents. Also, carry mechanical tools and a spare wheel that can be used to repair the car in case of a mechanical breakdown or when you need to change a flat tire. Also, have with you the number of an emergency toll truck in case you might require his or her rescue services.

5)    Make Stops

While on the road, explore what is beyond the car windows by making stops and experiencing the new environment. Whether your road trip starts in Dublin or Midlands. Step out of the car and view the scenic changes around you. Also, make stops to refuel and check the state of the car.

6)    Carry Snacks

It might be hard to estimate how long you might take in a particular stretch. Carry a few bites and snacks to eat while on the road. This will reduce crankiness from toddlers and boredom from hungry adults too. You can also enjoy picnic meals and snacks in the lush green spaces in case you do not have plans to eat from a restaurant.