10 [Best] packing tips every traveler should know

10 [Best] packing tips every traveler should know

Packing tips every traveler should know

Can you guess the hardest part of traveling? Packing! Yes, packing is something most of us hate to do before our vacation begins. It is really tedious and time-consuming. And most of the people don’t enjoy this step as much as they enjoy traveling. Here are the best packing tips every traveler should know.

There are many mistakes people make when they pack for their dream destination. Because of all these mistakes they end up carrying the heavy luggage all around their trip. Besides, If you want to avoid those extra airlines fees, then packing efficiently is the only key. Once you get to know how to pack correctly, it’s a child’s play! So let’s check out some tips that will help you in packing light and good for your travel. Below are the best packing tips every traveler should know.

1.Avoid overpacking:

This is a basic rookie mistake. We tend to pack so many things thinking that we will need them but actually we don’t. At the end of the trip, there usually couple of pairs that we don’t end up wearing always. It is necessary to avoid overpacking as much as possible. Pack the outfits you can wear in double ways or simply just buy a cheap shorts or shirt when you need at your destination. Reducing the overpacking will help you a lot in saving up the space for other things. Besides, if you have a tight packed bag when you go for a holiday, then how are you going to take those beautiful souvenirs home for your loved ones?

2.Make a list:

It is advisable to make a list for all of your clothes, toiletries and other things that you need in every trip. You can make this list once and use it in your upcoming trips all the time. Make an organised list of necessary things that you need to take on every trip. There are so many little things we have to pack that we often forget some. Make the list category wise. In these categories you can include clothes, toiletries, shoes, makeup and your digital gadgets.

3.Use packing cubes:

Packing cubes are blessing for your packing issue. These different packing cubes help you keeping all the clothing, toiletries, makeup, under garments and shoes in separate cubes. This way you can grab anything you need on your trip without messing up the other things. You can get this kind of packing cubes in different sizes to keep your all the stuff segregated.

4.Keep the weather in mind:

There is nothing worse than packing wrong clothes on your trip. Always check the weather of the destination before your trip and pack accordingly. If you’re going to a cold place, pack less of the regular clothes and more of layers. If you’re going to a beachy place, then always pack light and breezy clothes. Because it’s going to be hot there. If you’re going to a rainy place, then always keep your raincoat and extra pair of clothes, in case they get ruined. Checking weather can help you a lot in packing efficiently. This is one of the most important factor in the best packing tips every traveler should know.

5.Fill the dead space:

Many a times we forget to fill in the dead space in our suitcases. That is because of we pack all the big stuff first and then end up lacking the space. Filling in the dead space by foldable and small stuff will be way easier to pack. Put your socks or under garments wherever you see the dead space. This way there will be no left out space and you’ll have a plenty of room for other stuff.

6.Keep laundry bags:

Most of the people forget to carry some extra bags for their dirty laundry. During any trip, there are always some dirty clothes and clean clothes in the same suitcase. In this case, you need to make sure that you don’t ruin the clean clothes by putting dirty clothes right beside them. Make sure to keep some laundry bags with you to keep the dirty clothes separately. If you don’t have laundry bags, even the plastic bags can do the job.

7.Fold/ roll your clothes the right way:

You have laid out all of your final clothes. Now it’s time to pack them into your suitcase. Each person has their own way to put their clothes in bag. But the most effective ways are to fold and roll. Rolling your clothes saves you a lot of space. But there are some clothes that get wrinkled if you roll them. Make sure to differentiate these clothes. Clothes with fabrics like cotton, wool and knit can be rolled easily without getting wrinkled. On the other hand, one should always fold the fancier clothes. Do it the right way and they will fit in your bag just right.

8.Keep the toiletries on the top:

Keeping the toiletries on the top of your suitcase will make them handy and easy to reach. You don’t know when the security at the airport asks you to take them out right? Plus toiletries should be easy to reach during your whole trip. The other benefit of keeping the toiletries on the top is they can be easily found on daily basis. This way you won’t mess up your clothes in the process of finding that one tooth brush.

9.Wear the bulkiest clothes:

Wearing the bulkiest clothes like jackets, sweaters and heavy boots on your way to vacation and on the way back can make your suitcase so much lighter. And at the end, lighter suitcase means no extra airline fees. This way you can save so much of space in your bags and make them lighter for your travel. This is one of the most important factor in the best packing tips every traveler should know.

10.Pack beforehand:

This is the last but really important tip for packing. Most of the people leave packing as their last task before going to any holiday. This is not very advisable. Packing beforehand is very much effective. Because if you pack on the last minute, there are high chances that you will forget something really necessary. Making a proper list and packing everything beforehand is much efficient than running for different things just before your flight!

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