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71 views • Sep 10th, 2020

Want to know why WordPress is the smartest choice to start a blog?

HTTPS as ranking signal

At its core, WordPress is the easiest and smartest choice to create your own blog/website. 

Do you know, WordPress powers over 38% websites in the world and this is what makes WordPress very popular amongst bloggers and website creators.

Moreover the world’s most famous and well known websites are being powered by WordPress.Forbes, New York Observer, TED, Tech Crunch, NBC, and others are built on WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS is a software that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content on your blog post.WordPress gives its users full access to all the files, documents as well as the design and how to display their content on the post. You don’t have to be a super technical expert to publish your content using WordPress. A good content  management system is what, that allows its users to create and customize their content without any technical know-how.

What is content? 

All that shows up on your web-page, from the header with your business name to your contact data to your blog entries and instructional exercise videos. that if it’s on your site, it’s content.

10 best Reasons Why WordPress is the Smartest Choice to Start a Blog!

1. WordPress Is Free And An Open Source

HTTPS as ranking signal

Yes, whether you know it or not that both WordPress.com & WordPress.org is free to use and you don’t have to pay anything to start a blog/website withWordPress CMS. If you buy a reliable and good hosting they will help you to get WordPress platform to start your blog absolutely free of cost.

Go For Web-Hosting like

Bluehost (1-Click WordPress Installation & Free Domain For 1 Year)

WPXHosting (Most Affordable web-hosting)

HostGator (A Reliable, Fast and All-in-One web-hosting platform)


WordPress.com is best for beginners. It has got lots of limitations for users.If you’re starting a blog for commercial purpose then WordPress.com is not the right choice. It can be used for hobby and personal blogs.


WordPress.org is also popularly known as self-hosted WordPress blog/site, where you get the freedom to design and  control your site/blog with the help of technical settings. If you’re thinking of starting a profitable blog/website without any hassle, then go for WordPress.org.

Basic differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

HTTPS as ranking signal

2. WordPress- Simple And User Friendly

Even if  you are a non-technical person you can easily handle WP .WordPress dashboard has been designed such a way that with a little bit of involvement you can customize your site without expert technical knowledge.

3. WordPress Support Community

WordPress is backed by a vast support community of users who are there to help people, facing issues with WordPress installation and other related matters. You can get solutions to all your issues related to WordPress from WP Support Forum. Simple google search can help you to find the WordPress related answers you are looking for.

4. WordPress-Designing

There is a saying “First Impression Is The Best Impression”. Undoubtedly everyone wants to give his/her blog/website an elegant look to attract readers and visitors.WordPress allows users to design their site with the help of both free/premium themes. WordPress itself offers hundreds of free downloadable themes to give your site a stunning look. 

But it’s always better to design your blog with premium themes,since free themes have their own restrictions.

4. WordPress Plugins- Enhance Functionality

In order to enhance the functionality of  your site you need few essentials WP plugins. WordPress provides hundreds of free and premium plugins, which help users to easily customize their dream site perfectly.

Check WP Plugins.

5. WordPress as CMS

In the blogging world there is a saying “Content is King”. Without writing quality content you can’t engage your visitors to your blog/website.WordPress allows its users to have full control over the content management,you can write, edit, upload, collaborate and preview your content before you finally hit the publish button to publish your content to the world.

Isn’t it a great advantage for a blogger.

6. WordPress- Reputation

Blogging success mostly depends on gaining trust and respect of your readers and visitors. Other blogging platforms like Blogspot have less rapport amongst the readers because of it’s malpractices. This is the reason people tend to avoid Blogspot blogs. People usually respect and trust the authenticity of a self-hosted blog(A WordPress blog) and their shared information.

8. WordPress & SEO

This is yet another important aspect of any  blog/website. If you want more organic traffic to  your blog/website you need to rank your site on the search engines like GOOGLE, BING/YAHOO and others. WordPress supports many SEO plugins(best WP SEO plugin YoastSEO), which helps users to rank their site on the search engine. Others blogging platforms have less SEO friendliness than WordPress.

9. WordPress Security

WordPress takes security matters very seriously. It constantly updates the software and plugins to prevent the sites from hackers and data thivers. All the updates can be initiated automatically as well as manually.

10. WordPress Helps To Monetize

Once your blog starts driving a decent number of traffic you can easily monetize your site through advertisements with different sources like Google Adsense, Media.net. WordPress also allows its users to make money by promoting affiliate products.You can use WordPress platform to join any number of Affiliate Programs to generate sales and make money.

Choose WordPress: The final thought is that if you want your blog/website to look professional, easy to create and customize, easy to do SEO, gaining trust and authority, WordPress is going to be your best choice to start your own blog, especially if you’re not a techno-savvy person.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comment.

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