10 Natural Ways to Grow Long Hair for Men and Women

10 Natural Ways to Grow Long Hair for Men and Women

An entire month and only ½ inch of growth! So we suggest you not to bother with these “miracle substances” every salon talks about. Instead, do it naturally. Here are some tips that can help you grow longer and healthy hair fast:

Eat Healthily:

Our hair depends on our overall health. Eating healthy and nutritious food will definitely reflect on your entire body including your hair. Your hair needs some good healthy food just as much as any other part of your body. Here are some things you should consume more to grow your hair good.




-Vitamin C

-A good and healthy breakfast

Consuming all of these things in your meals will give you significant results for sure.

Less shampoo, more conditioner:

It is advisable that you do not shampoo your hair every single day. Washing your hair with shampoo every day will make them rough and take away their shine.

What you can really do is using a good conditioner every day. This helps you maintain the ends of your hair and make them smooth. You should use shampoo twice or thrice in a week. More amount of shampoo than this can cause real trouble to your hair.

Do not comb hair while wet:

This is something almost all the men do after washing their hair. We understand that you do it for the purpose of setting your hair in place.

But brushing your hair while they are dripping wet can cause a lot of hair breakage. Wet hair is considered to be the most vulnerable hair. So before you comb your hair, at least dry them a bit with a towel.

Sleep well:

Like your diet, your sleeping habits also reflect on your hair. Sleeping for about 7 to 8 hours benefits your hair and body altogether. While you sleep, your growth hormones come out and help in speeding up your cell production.

So more sleep is equal to more active scalp cells and more hair! Sleeping also accelerates blood circulation. So make sure that you hit the hay at the right time and get enough sleep every day.

Sit back and relax:

A stressed mind is a big enemy of your hair. Your brain majorly affects your hair growth. Many people lose their hair because of taking a lot of stress. The more your brain is stressed out, it can not function well.

Many people get their hair growing back after the stress period passes, but it takes months to have long and healthy hair. So it is really advisable that you worry less and keep your anxiety in check.

Try and concentrate on positive things when you feel stressed out. It will really help to calm your mind and change your perspective.

For women:

For all the females out there, it is really really tough job to maintain your hair, we know that. There are so many products tried and so many bucks spent just to get those perfect long hair!

There are literally thousands of things women have to keep in mind for healthy hair. Maintaining long hair is not a kid’s play. So here are some natural ways that will help you grow longer hair and will let you keep your hair on point.

Get frequent trims:

Yes, we want long hair. But in order to achieve that, you need to trim your hair almost every month. Trimming your hair from the tips will help you get rid of those split ends that break your hair.

Split ends cause a lot of problems like losing length, reducing shine, volume, and smoothness. So if you really want some beautiful long hair, make sure you trim them regularly.

Avoid heat styling tools:

Heat styling tools are the biggest enemy of your healthy long hair. In order to get naturally healthy hair, you need to stop over-styling your hair. Heat styling tools can damage your hair in a serious way. They can cause hair breakage and take away all the shine,

leaving your hair in a mess! If you want to use hair styling tools, then make sure that you keep the temperature low or use a heat protector before styling your hair.

Wash your hair with cold water:

A steamy shower is really bad for your hair. The heat in water can burn and damage your hair in a significant amount. It also makes your hair rough after the wash.

You can improve this situation by turning down the temperature of the water and rinsing your hair with cool water. This will help in keeping your hair healthy.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase:

When you sleep on your pillow, did you know how much breakage it causes to your hair? If not, then this is the time you switch to silk pillowcases instead of the others.

Silk is easier on the hair and helps in avoiding breakage. The less breakage your hair goes through, the longer your hair will be!

Massage your scalp:

Massaging your scalp plays a major role in growing your hair. The right oils and massage will help in the circulation of blood and boosting your hair growth.

Take some time at night and make sure to massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes. It will not only help in growing your hair, but it will help you relax and release the stress of the whole day. This remedy helps a lot in keeping the hair healthy and thick.

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