10 Productivity Apps for You on Android Playstore

10 Productivity Apps for You on Android Playstore

Smartphones were created to help us be more productive. They're like miniature supercomputers that we carry everywhere. They let us to connect to the internet, work, and are always with us. That qualifies them as great candidates to help us all become more productive. There are a variety of apps that can help you be more effective in your daily life. Let's take a look at the finest productivity applications for Android.

The Best Android Productivity Apps
Let's take a look at the finest productivity applications on Google Play:
1. Evernote
2. Google Docs
4. LastPass
5. Microsoft applications
6. Pushbullet
7. Slack
8. Solid Explorer
9. TickTick
10. Trello
11. Bonus: Forest

Monthly cost: Free/$7.99-$14.99

Evernote is a fantastic software for capturing notes. It has deservedly been one of the most popular apps in its category for years. Audio, text, image, and other sorts of notes are included. Excellent organisation, cross-device syncing, collaboration, and other capabilities are also included. It doesn't have many flaws. All of those features, though, come at a cost. Google Keep is a more affordable, but less powerful, option. Also, be aware that Evernote Version 10 was initially buggy, so we hope the firm will address such issues soon.
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Google Docs
Monthly cost: Free/$1.99-$99.99
The Google Drive suite is an excellent set of productivity tools. Standard office products such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are included, as well as Google Drive cloud storage Google also offers a separate PDF reader and Google Keep Notes, a straightforward yet excellent note-taking app. You receive 15GB of free storage and can pay to upgrade to more storage. There are a few productivity tools for smartphones that function just as well as Google Drive.
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IFTTT is completely free.
One of the more interesting Android productivity apps is IFTTT. You may use the app to make recipes that tell different apps to do different things at different times. It essentially automates practically any task on your smartphone. Anyone who utilises smart lights or other IoT devices should have this. You may also save your Instagram photographs to Dropbox automatically. It works well, although there is a learning curve. A quick Google search will turn up a slew of ready-made recipes. Another good programme for this is Tasker, however IFTTT is a little easier to use.
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Price: Free/$24 per year for LastPass and LastPass Authenticator
LastPass is not just a great productivity tool, but it's also a great security tool. It saves your login information for multiple websites. Then you use it to log in. It allows you to create more complex passwords, log in faster, and avoid having to remember your password for each site you visit. That alleviates a lot of the discomfort associated with such tasks. The LastPass Authenticator software adds an extra layer of security. The app's free edition covers most of the essentials, but you'll need to pay $24 each year to unlock all of the capabilities.
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Price: Free/Varies for Microsoft Apps
Microsoft Apps shows you all of Microsoft's apps on the Google Play Store. To help you be more productive, OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Microsoft To-Do (a to-do list tool), and many other apps are included. This is a collection of programmes that, like Google Drive, operate together to provide you a single experience. There are additional apps that allow you to access to your Windows PCs from your Android phone, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop. There are various apps available, all of them are Windows compatible. It allows Windows users to integrate their mobile and desktop experiences.
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Price: Free/$4.99 per month/$39.99 per year for Pushbullet
Pushbullet is a well-known productivity app. It serves as a connection between your phone and PC. You may reply to text messages, transmit files, and even create channels to receive specific notifications. It should work on Macs, Windows PCs, and even Linux. As a result, it is appropriate for nearly everyone. The free edition gives you a taste of what's available. You can then put them to the test. You'll have to go pro to acquire infinite amounts of everything. AirDroid and AirMirror are two pushbullet alternatives.
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