11 Tips For Amazing Male Curly Hair

11 tips for amazing male curly hair

Tricks to care for, cut and treat curly men's hair.  With tips on which finishers to use and drying techniques.

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Let go of the idea that curly male hair is difficult to care for.  If you know the right tricks, it is guaranteed that the hair will be shiny, hydrated and, of course, with defined curls.  See below where tricks for curly male hair you should know.

1. Men's curly hair: straight cut

If you want a haircut that enhances male curly hair, the best option for sure is a layered cut.

2. Mohawk, style to spare

Anyone who thinks that the Mohawk haircut values ​​only straight or wavy hair is very wrong.  The fake Mohawk haircut is very stylish when used with well-defined curls.  To achieve the look, just ask the barber to pass the machine on the sides of the head and make the top higher.

3. Hair hydrated again!

Among the basic care for long curly male hair is hydration.  Including weekly treatments with moisturizing masks in your hair routine can restore shine and softness to your hair.  Choose products with butters, aloe vera and glycerin in the formula.  This is because curly hair, as it has a spiral shape, does not efficiently distribute the sebum produced on the scalp over the entire length.  Result: without natural protection, the hair is dry and dull.

4. For the lost, capillary schedule

Are you the type who doesn't understand anything about hair treatments and still wants to have long male curly hair?  Following the capillary schedule can be a good alternative.  This is because the capillary schedule is basically a care calendar that signals when it is time to invest in different types of treatments, such as hydrations, nutrition and reconstructions.

5. Hair oil, your new best friend

One of the ways to replenish the capillary oiliness of the hair is to use hair oils as a finisher.  The variety is immense!  They can be made from argan, macadamia or coconut, for example.  Applying a few drops of the product to dry hair helps fight frizz, restores softness and ensures that hydration lasts longer on the hair.

6.  Water and liquid gel for long-lasting curls

Do you want the curls to last all night?  One of the ways to finish the threads and ensure the definition of the spirals, is to put a mixture of water and liquid gel in a spray bottle - use the version of the special product for curly hair.  The gel is known to have a much greater holding power than other types of finishers, such as ointments and waxes.

7. Combing cream for a natural effect

But if you are keen to keep the curls with natural effect and without frizz, use a combing cream after the shower.  The product should be applied to damp hair, lock by lock.  Then, run your fingers between the strands, so that each strand forms a bunch.  This technique is known as fiting.  Let the strands dry naturally.

8. Plop is the smart way to dry

Never rub the threads with a towel!  This can contribute to the drying of the curls, leaving the hair brittle and frizzy.  Do you want a drying technique that makes the curls more defined?  Go plop.  To do this, use a microfiber or cotton towel and place on a flat surface.  Turn your head over the fabric, so that the hair is positioned in the middle of the towel.  Now, position the towel covering the entire scalp and twist the sides, then place the ends of the fabric close to the nape of the neck.  Wait half an hour and then release the wires.

9. The perfect comb

One of the rules for having curls defined is to never comb dry hair.  Still wet, remove the knots by running your fingers between the strands.  If you still feel the need to use a comb, use the wooden version of the accessory, which avoids static hair.

10. For those who do not give up the dryer

Hair dryer and curly hair do not match, because the heat makes the strands even more dry.  But if you still want to use the device, don't forget to apply a thermal protector along the entire length.  More: to ensure that the heat does not dismantle the curls, choose to attach an air diffuser to the nozzle of the dryer.  This accessory diffuses the air and dries the hair equally.  To do this, bring the diffuser close to the hair and place the curls between the accessory pins.

11. The unknown co-wash

Did you know that many women with curly hair use conditioner to wash their hair?  The technique consists of replacing the shampoo with conditioner and prevents shampoo detergents from damaging the hair.  In the long run, the wires are also more hydrated.  Worth a try!

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