12 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

12 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

12 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

This article has been presented after a long research. This article contains 12 such WordPress plugin which can be considered best among all the long list of plugins.

Can I use WordPress for Affiliate Marketing?

Using WordPress for affiliate marketing is the easiest way to do it. But this thing is really applied to WordPress.org sites not the WordPress.com sites . As the .com site have lot of restrictions on adding plugins.

How to choose the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

While choosing a affiliate plugin choose according to your goals not just focusing on the price point or a single feature While choosing the affiliate plugins keep in mind the following written points : choose plugins

• that can add affiliate links easily on your pages and posts.

• that can manage, add and save affiliate links the dashboard of your WordPress.

• which helps in easing up the usage by both of you, you and your affiliate and hence building a loyal following

• that can help in tracking the affiliate campaign that are performing high.

• that can help in building up a shareable referral links for platform present outside of the white.

The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Below is a list of 12 WordPress affiliate plugins . Have a look and choose the best one for yourself do not just on the price and the features look which one suits you best.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links are the most popular among the WordPress affiliate plugins. It helps in turning the ugly long affiliate links into an easier to remember . By doing so its make a good impression on the visitors about you. You can within a minute time can add links on the posts.

Below is the list of features of Pretty Links :

• Easy to use : it is one of the most user friendly and simple WordPress referral plugins among all.

• Flexible : the most responsive WordPress themes are compatible with them.

• Analytics : with this you can easily keep track of things happening around with the link because they have built in performance.

• Pretty bar : this tool helps in branding and advertising the links.

• Automations : it provides you with certain auto linking features which helps in adding up automatically some specified links to some keywords and hence helps in speeding up marketing automations.

• Support Redirects : its helps in managing 404s and server side redirects.

The price of Pretty Link starts at $ 59 charged per year.

Affiliate Royale

The parent company of Affiliate Royale is same as of Pretty Links and Member Press . The three of them show their best results when combined together. With easy to remember and shortened referral program and affiliate links they can built an in depth affiliate program.

Below is the list of features of Affiliate Royale :

• Beginner friendly : because of their easy to use dashboard you can easily track the outbound links.

• Instant setup : you just need to install you plugin and you can directly start building up your affiliate program fully functioned for the WordPress website of yours .

• Charts : it provides you with graphs that have customized performance so that you easily get best out of data visualisation. It helps you see things like payments, sales, clicks etc.

• Shopping cart integration : you also get facility of managing and viewing one time and also recurring payments at places such as PayPal, Authorize.net and many more.

The price of Affiliate Royale starts at $ 85 charged per year.

Monster Insight

Google Analytics is a need of your business it doesn’t matter how you make money from the website. Monster Insight provide you with a facility of adding Google Analytics . It could be recorded as the easiest way for the affiliate marketers. It is the best one to be reviewed among all the affiliate WordPress plugins. They provide you with features as affiliate link tracking along with in depth reports for seeing the progress of your affiliate campaigns.

Below is the list of features of Monster insight :

• Compatibility : you can link other affiliate plugins easily with your Monster Insights Account.

• In depth reports : they provide you with a report of traffic sources with most profits along with pages with highest earnings.

• Easy to use : those who are not even trained in Google Analytics can easily work on them and even easily understand the dashboard.

• Powerful support : there is a powerful supporting team standing behind you to help you out.

The price of Monster Insight starts at $ 99.50 charged per year and the price of their pro version is $ 1199.50 charged per year.

Thirsty Affiliates

This is a most powerful solution for managing the affiliate. It helps in cloaking the long links and making them look great.

Below is the list of features of Thirsty Affiliates :

• Reports : they help you in seeing the statistics of your referral link campaigns and clicks.

• Organization : you can stay on top of your affiliate campaigns by organizing your referral links into categories.

• Images : you can easily add photos and banners in your links and links images.

• Easy replacement : you can easily find replace links from the panel of Thirsty Affiliates.

• Automations : it helps in replacing the links with the keywords assigned automatically.

The price of Thirsty Affiliates starts at $ 49 charged per year.


For the WordPress an AdSanity is an affiliate marketing tool. It provides you with lot of helpful features. The AdSanity is very easy to use and is very light weighted which helps in keeping the site fast.

Below is the list of features of AdSanity :

• Beginner friendly : it helps in managing your Affiliate ads and campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard .

• Flexibility : you can easily insert yours and your partner’s affiliate banners into posts, sidebars, widget and more.

• Ad block detection : it helps in making your visitor understand that enjoy the content they need to disable the ad blockers of theirs.

The price of AdSanity starts at $ 49 charged per year.


If you want to make money through the online platform Amazon the EasyAzon is the best WordPress affiliate plugin for you. With the help of this plugin you can easily add your Amazon affiliate link in your blog posts without visiting the site of Amazon.

Below is the list of features of EasyAzon :

• Visual CTAs : you can use the buy button of Amazon.com on your site.

• Link Management : to make link look shorter and more professional automatically cloak link.

• Affiliate Image Link : through images you can easily promote the right contents and the products.

• Geolocations : you can watch on where are the visitors coming from with the help of link locator.

The price of EasyAzon starts at $ 47 charged per year.

Affiliate WP

Managing affiliate links becomes very easy with affiliate WP. When the affiliate coupon plugin for the WordPress is used with Affiliate WP , it works great. To extend their abilities use their add-ons along with them.

Below is the list of features of Affiliate WP :

• Integrations : Helps in connecting to various tools which includes WPForms ( its is considered as the best contact form plugin across the world )

• Affiliate Management : for allowing affiliate registration you get an option asking for approval manually or automatically. Helps in saving time and continuously letting people into the affiliate area.

• Real time reporting : the graphs and glance in real time helps them in staying at the top of the affiliate campaign .

The price of Affiliates WP starts at $ 99 charged per year.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

This is a best option as it provides you with some premium features with a in budget costing.

Below is the list of features of Ultimate Affiliate Pro :

• Integrations : you can easily use them with Stripe, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Easy digital Downloads and more.

• Support : robust online documentation, video tutorials and support centre.

• Custom Currency : if any currency is not available you can easily add your own currency. This could be beneficial rather than using less popular currency.

The price of Ultimate Affiliate Pro starts at $ 59 charged per year.

Affiliate Manager

If you want to try WordPress for free Affiliate Manager is a best option for you.

Below is the list of features of Affiliate Manager :

• Ease of use : you can easily track, pay and manage affiliate partners from your WordPress site .

• Affiliate Portal : its helps the user in finding out information about you and helps in promoting you services and products.

• Real time tracking : in a real time from your account your sales and referral clicks can be tracked by them.

The Affiliate Manager do not cost anything.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you are looking for an eCommerce plugin the YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is the best option in front of you for affiliate marketing. WooCommerce shop owners get a lucky chance to create their own affiliate profiles and earn customized commissions.

Below is the list of features of YITH WooCommerce Affiliates :

• Adjustable cookies : its helps in changing the length of storage timing along with in user’s cookies the store refer IDs.

• Affiliate Dashboard : to view the progress and commission affiliate have their own dashboard.

• Prorated Commissions : its helps in calculating refunds along with commissions which are based on the refunds.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates do not cost anything.

Affiliates by Itthinx

If you are looking for some referral plugins and WordPress affiliate for downloading free, then Affiliate by Itthinx is the best option. Within a minute you can add affiliate links on the website . They also provide you with your progress reports.

Below is the list of features of Affiliate by Itthinx :

• Real time reporting : for tracking the success of your affiliate dashboard uses graphs.

• Easy to use : you can use short codes along with blocks to create affiliate dashboard and area .

• Integration : some popular tools like event manager, buddy press, WooCommerce and many more works good with them .

The Affiliate by Itthinx do not cost you anything.

Referral candy for WooCommerce

You can download them free of cost. But they ask you to signup the site for any of the paid plans .

Below is the list of features of Referral candy for WooCommerce :

• Support : they provide you with 24 × 7 support service with live chat so they could provide you help any time of the day.

• Unlimited Affiliate : they do not provide you any limit on number of customers.

• Easy to use : with data reporting and dashboard you can easily get insight of the affiliate campaign.

The Referral candy for WooCommerce can be downloaded free but they charge $ 49 per month for the paid plan.


We wish you find the best plugin that suits you among these.

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