14 Outstanding ways to expand your Mind

What does it actually mean to expand your mind? Am I talking about inflating your head with helium gas, like a hot air balloon? Ahh, I wish. But here, I am talking about boosting your mental abilities to elevate your standards of living.

Nobody is oblivious of the fact that with great power, comes great responsibility, all thanks to Uncle Ben. And to expand your mind is the humanly way to tap into that ‘great power’. I mean you can surely wait and hope to get bit by a spider, but I’d rather put my money on the former method. 

The main problem with us today is that time and time again, we get stuck in life. As kids, getting stuck was off the charts. No matter how many walls we smashed into or how many times we fell onto the ground or how many times we hit our own head, our mischiefs and ‘pain in the ass’ activities only used to shoot up every day. There was no stopping us down back in those days.

But what happened as we grew up? Our minds, which should have expanded and become stronger than before, contracted and shrank. We have got brainwashed and conditioned by society, the education system, family, and relatives. And as a result, we have to live with incompetence for the rest of our lives.

The incompetence of not fully living our lives, of not being able to do what we actually love, of not being able to grow out of our previous setbacks, of not being able to make the mistakes that are deemed necessary to go to the next level because, well, we are so freaking embarrassed of what the people will say.   


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