5 Amazing Destinations to Visit on Your Trip to Shimla

5 Amazing Destinations to Visit on Your Trip to Shimla

Is your soul craving to marvel at the beauty of white soft cotton balls in the hill Himalayas? Weren’t you planning to weave memories in the alluring greenery of nature? All this while, even for a minute, did you dream of relishing the breathtaking view of Shimla? Popularly Entitled as the Queen of Hill Station, Shimla has ample opportunities to fill you and your soul with thrill. 

Jeweled in the rare Victorian architecture, the location is blessed with panoramic views and gigantic hills. Since Shimla has everything that a soul could ever crave, it stands out as the most visited place among tourists. But with ample alternatives comes confusion. However, enriching places like Shimla have multiple locations to unveil; therefore, to help you delve into the pool of exhilarating experiences, we have curated a list of sites that guide you to your ideal destination for pearls and riches! 

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The Ridge of Shimla

Away from the hassle of city life, the Ridge is nestled in the soul of Shimla. It is famous for organizing various government fairs and functions, besides it is also a prime location for all sorts of ceremonies in Shimla. When you land at this place, you won’t get enough of the pleasant atmosphere and picture-perfect view.

The destination offers a lot of things for shopping, so if you plan to be here with your close friends or families, do not miss out on shopping from the old wooden Lakkar bazaar in Shimla. 

If you are someone utterly curious to explore the riches from the colonial era, pay a visit to the state Museum of Himachal; it is one of those vintage settings.

Take your taste bud on a tour of discovering delightful cuisines that include Chinese, Italian, continental Mediterranean, and south Indian flavors.

Alongside you can seek blessing in the 2nd largest neo-Gothic architectural Christ church of North Indian, which symbolizes pure devotion.


Situated amidst the lofty mountains of the Himalayas, Kurfi is 20 km away in Himachal Pradesh. The prominent hill station of Himachal had recently turned into a tourist spot.

This place is known as the golden triangle as trekkers usually begin their journey from this point towards Shimla, Rewalsar, fugu. The pleasant ambiance and the picture view are perfect for a summer gateway. Maska peak and Fagu valley are the two most primary locations that attract tourists like magnets.

If you are on a trip with your family, looking to spend quality time over the hills, the panoramic beauty of Kurfi can give you chills. And if you are on a solo trip and skiing enthusiast, do not forget to join the annual spot festival held in autumn. The relaxed pace of life, greenery, rejuvenating breeze, and a perfect climate to unwind guarantee to make your trip a memorable one.

Green Valley

Are you already bored with your mundane 9-5 work from home? We understand how exhaustive it turns out at the end of the day. If you are planning to take a break from this strict routine, green valley in Shimla could be an abode for you.

Covered with verdant hills, the craggy sheet of white snow, especially during winters, makes it popular among honeymooners.

Seek warmth and comfort under the dense shelter of pine and deodar forest. On your way, you will encounter a plethora of wild yaks wandering in the valley; this could be a chance for the wildlife enthusiast to explore the Reserve forest sanctuary located at a distance of 2 km from Shimla. Every trip is incomplete without shopping. However, you can explore the mall road at Shimla. It is an exclusive chance for all the shopaholics out there. The ideal time to explore this place is the month from February to April. So what are you waiting for?

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Jakhoo Hill

Himachal is said to be the “Abode of God” aside from the mighty Himalayas. It is the devotion and pure faith in God that drives tourists to Shimla from around the world. Jakhoo hills are considered the highest point of the city as they sit at an elevation of 2245 km above sea level, where you can relish the beauty of the Dawn and the stunning color of the town. But Above all, the shrine hanuman temple connects pilgrims with the divine power of lord hanuman. Since the lord hanuman is believed to be a monkey god, you may encounter monkeys in abundance in the temple; always be aware as they enjoy snatching googles of the visitors in particular.

Aside from the mythological significance of this place offers a tranquil aura for the seekers of solitude, so if you are with your close friends, family, or on a solo trip, Jakhoo hill is a must-see. 


Have you ever Fantasized about camping in the Himalayas after nightfall? 

Chail is an idyllic hill station, found by the king of Patiayala in 1893 could be a wonderful escape. Prominently nestled around the lush greenery and mighty hills, the place was ideally made for a summer gateway; with the gradual establishment of wildlife sanctuary and polo ground, the spot is steadily turned into a tourist palace. Today Chail is one of the most popular tourist places.

Now the place offers luxury resorts and homestays for guests to feel at home. The site will restore and rejuvenate you to the core. From providing a top-notch hostility to being an epicenter of solitude and seclusion, Chail has gained a special place in the heart of nature lovers.

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