5 Easy Steps to Set Up Parental Controls on Google Play

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Parental Controls on Google Play

Parenting is not the same for everyone. For someone, it may be as easy as ABC, and they could do it with their eyes shut (depending upon their level of experience). But for somebody else, it can be a roller coaster ride. 

As per Statista report published in January 2021, 59.5 percent of people around the globe are actively using the internet, to be exact 4.66 billion people worldwide. With this massive influx of humans over the internet, children are exposed to positive and negative influences. For instance, a study at American Cornell University shows that technology affects children’s IQ significantly. The IQ level of this generation is higher than previous generations. Likewise, the internet and technology is enhancing;

Learning capabilities. 

Problem-solving skills.

However, too much internet and technology usage may take your child down the hill. Their downsides include;

Privacy violation


Exposure to inappropriate sexual content

Decreased attention span

Minimal socializing

Steering away from social cohesion

Aggressive behaviour

Health issues (vision, neck or arm pain)

Sleep depreciation

For an adult, utilizing time and technology carelessly is not an unintentional act but a relatively poor choice. On the other hand, children may become victims to the dangers of the internet out of their innocence.

What is Parental Control?

We ensure all necessary measures to prioritize our child’s safety. And parental controls feel like a fresh breeze in a murky environment. With an excellent parental monitoring app, we can limit the screen time and keep a close eye on how our child is utilizing the internet in our absence.

There are a couple of things that we can manage using parental controls. For example;

Blocking particular websites

Filter out inappropriate content

Timing the screen usage

Restrict downloads of apps and games

Allow TV shows, movies, music and books as per ratings

Where To Find Parental Controls:

There are mainly five options where you can set up parental control.

Internet Service Provider:

You can set limitations in the devices provided by the internet company while setting up router/extenders.

Mobile Operator:

For mobile users, the controls can be managed with the help of mobile service providers.


Devices have built-in parental control settings which can be optimized according to individual needs.

Web-based Services: 

There are plenty of websites that offer parental guidance and controls—e.g. Youtube, BBC, etc.

Online Spy Apps:

An app to monitor kids’ phones must be downloaded and installed on the device to get detailed reports on kids’ activity.

Google Play:

Google Play is an E-store where you can benefit from numerous online apps, games, books, movies or TV shows, music, and much more on your Android gadget. It is accessible in more than 190 countries, and it has several developers affiliated with app distribution. In addition, Google Play is an excellent parental monitoring app that works effectively.

Steps to Follow:

Access Google Play App:

Open your Google App installed on the Android device of your loved one.

Go to Settings and Parental Control:

Click on the top left, three horizontal lines indicating “menu.”

Turn ON Parental Control:

Toggle the on/off button to switch to ON mode.

Secret PIN:

Enter your secret PIN code to protect parental control from your children. 

Choose the Type of Content Filter:

Now you can select the types of content which need to be filtered. For example, you can set the maturity level high for the contents of movies, apps, games etc., and you can block the explicit content to be downloaded in books and music.

Block In-App Purchasing:

This is an additional step to further secure devices from prohibited in-app purchasing. After configuring the google parental control app to monitor kids’ phones, you must also consider blocking unwanted purchases.

Open settings in Google Play app.

Tap on “Require authentication for purchases.”

Select the option of “For all purchases through Google Play on this device.”

Upon asking, enter your Google password.

Now your children will be bound to ask for your permission any time they want to make in-app purchases. You can make them learn about the value of money when they come asking for your password.

Benefits Of Parental Control In Google Play Store:

There are various advantages of Google Play parental control that are written below;

You can;

Restrict and control what your child can download without your approval.

Disable the option of in-app purchasing.

Restrict violent games which instigate aggressiveness in behaviour.

Block uncertified movies which contain graphical images or inappropriate words.

Teach your children their ethical and moral values by letting them know their boundaries as children.

Final Words:

It is not like one solution will fit them all. On the one hand, some parents would disagree, and on the other hand, the majority will agree that their children sometimes go haywire with the out-of-control technology in their hands. You can use a parental monitoring app to check what your child is up to when you are not around, or you can do surprise spot-checking. But the easiest way is to use the Google parental control app, which suits all.

Apart from all the modern technology and its merits/demerits, what matters the most is the healthy environment your child is growing in. It would be best if you were more connected with your child; than him with his phone or tablet. 

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