5 major benefits of online medicine purchase

5 major benefits of online medicine purchase

The online shopping trend has increased exponentially in the present day. Specifically, considering the current Covid-19 scenario, people are afraid of stepping out of the house to buy essential pieces of stuff traditionally because of its widespread and high-risk rate. In this Covid-19 era, multiple online platforms and applications have been made available on our smartphones. We can buy simple everyday groceries, vegetables, beauty products, essential medicines, and electronic products.Additionally, you claim many interesting deals and discounts like Practo coupon code and other offers to save maximum on medicines.

As per the studies, we can conclude that-

People buying online medicines

All class of population


People who dont buy online medicines

All class of population


People who prefer buying online medicines sometimes and sometimes not

All class of population



As per the studies, some people also order online medicines that are readily available, and some people only order such drugs that are not readily available.

Types of people with their percentages-



People ordering only those medicines which are readily available


People only ordering medicines that are not readily available



Here are some points which favor online medicine buying. The top 5 points for online medicines buying are as follows:

1. Confidentiality and privacy

Most customers and buyers select online shopping for medicines and other products because of the confidentiality and privacy features. About 65% of people buy online drugs because of the above reason, as per the typical basic mentality of the people that no one should know that they are on medicines and particularly with treatments. Talking on a positive note, some medications like psychosis or cancers or Human Immunodeficiency Virus and syndromes are generally not published or shared among the family members. Such confidentiality is maintained for the mental peace of an individual. Keeping our orders and medicines private and confidential, the online shopping platforms have successfully convinced the majority of people to choose an online mode.

2. Best prices on medicines

All the online shopping platforms and applications have a trend of providing minimal discounts over the time you order. Some venues have first order significant coupons, discounts and maybe membership discounts too. Applications also offer discount coupons to a regular buyer or customer ordering medicines frequently. As per the studies, one can say that,

 Different categories with Percentage-

  • Online platforms giving discounts on first order- 80%
  • Online platforms giving discounts to a regular customer- 70%
  • Online platforms were giving discounts above purchases of Rs. 1000- 77%
  • Online platforms are giving discounts above purchases of Rs. 750- 90%
  • Online platforms giving discounts on an order whose payment is done by an online mode- 65%

3. Set up reminders to purchase

The online platform for buying medicines has significantly added features of setting a reminder in the form of mail, text messages, ping, or an alarm notification pop up. This assures and provides the customer with regular medicines which the patient needs. Such an added feature as a reminder ensures the patient doesn’t even miss out on their essential single dose of the medication. They also remind us of the medicines when not available online and notify us whenever they are again available.

4. Doorstep delivery

In this pandemic season of dangerous Covid-19, one of the major facilities provided by the online platform is doorstep delivery. As per the studies, the majority of the venues have a delivery period between 24 to 48 hours of the ordered time. Few online platforms provide an easy and early delivery of approximately 4 to 6 hours after the delivery. Thus, people feel assured about the order and trust it.

The online platforms also provide properly sealed and on-time delivery through a delivery person with authenticity. Most of the online platforms utilize paper packing to avoid the unnecessary use of plastics. Some online outlets have crafted a customized delivery box with a proper seal and a copy of the invoice listing all the medicines with their original cost and quantity ordered.


5. Authenticity

The leading assurance and feature that the online platform provides the customer with authenticity. The primary customer and dealing company binds and builds a harmonious relationship employing realism and not faking or cheating the customers. The online platforms gives and refers to the original trade name and content of the medicines which also let us compare the other brand names and trade names with the same range of drugs.

The online medicine platforms ask for the prescription to avoid any discrepancy before confirming the order. The platform also advises us not to overstock. They also assure and intensify the customers by checking the expiry dates and never providing expired medicines, unlike the traditional media. The online platforms also lets us know and compare the other brands containing the exact content of the medications that customers require, which may be more cost-effective and can save extra money.


Lastly, on a takeaway note, every patient has suffered a lot in this Covid-19 situation from the unnecessary stocking and fake medicines. Due to this, there has been a significant impact on traditional medicine shopping from the small and big pharmaceutical stores. The patients and people are experiencing loss of trust and assurance and feel cheated, which has led down the traditional shopping market of medicines.

Due to the overcharging and unnecessary faking of the shortage of medicines, the pharmaceutical companies and stores have looted the needy and frustrated patients in this era. People have lost trust in traditional medicine shopping by selling fake medication, changing unnecessary trade names, and overcharging the customers for medicines.

The significant issues of infection, the widespread danger of the Covid-19 has also made people to step out and buy medicines and essentials. In such an era, the exponential development of online platforms for medication and other conditions has gained the assurance and trust of the people. People have transferred and are preferring more online media compared to the traditional offline way.

Keeping in mind all the top 5 above listed qualities of the online shopping platform, one should promote the platform more and adapt to the changing trend of online shopping.

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