600km, Hitchhiking from Hisar to Jaisalmer Trip

600km, Hitchhiking from Hisar to Jaisalmer Trip

Terms and conditions of the trip

We left our remaining 4 exams and started our journey. But before going, one best thing which we did and will be unforgettable for the whole my life was making some rules for the trip. We made some awesome rules and regulations which all of us had to follow. They were very interesting, the rules were –
Rule 1: We won’t use the money for traveling purpose and for staying i.e. on hotels etc.

Rule 2: We won’t use any kind of technology, phones etc. So we kept the compass and Rajasthan map with ourselves.

Rule 3: No one will say that I want to go back. If anyone does, then all of us had to leave and go back.

Journey start

So these were the rules that made our journey more exciting. With me, were 3 of my seniors and our adventurous trip began. We were so happy doing this kind of trip. We were currently in Hisar. So we started crossing Hisar by walking. This was so much fun roaming on roads with friends but after 2 hours of this fun, we started taking a lift from the cars. Now the real adventure begins. As we asked for a lift from every other car, truck etc but no one stopped as we were four people and that too boy. So no-one was ready to stop for us.

This was hilarious. For more 20 km of the walk I gave up, I told them that I couldn’t walk anymore. But my friends motivated me, encouraged me then, again we began walking. At around 2 am, we reached a village called Chaudarivas there we sat near a breaker on the road because that’s the place where vehicles slow down. So there were the chances that someone will stop to help us. I loved the feeling of breaking the barriers of exams, walking for hours and hours with my friends at late night, waiting for the lift. This trip will gonna be perfect, I knew this.

At around 2 am, finally, we got success, after asking lift from so many vehicles, a truck finally stopped, the driver gave us to lift. As soon as we sat in the truck, and enjoyed a lot there. We had dinner in the truck itself which we had packed from our hostel. We talked, we laughed, it was a perfect journey experience. After doing all this we went to sleep as we were tired of walking since hours.

Unknown place

We then gained courage and somehow overcame our fear and asked a shopkeeper that which place is this? As we asked this question all other people around us started looking at us. We were like what crime had we done that they are staring us like this. Then the shopkeeper pointed out Pakistan on our map and asked do you want to go here it’s just 30-40 kms away. My heartbeat skipped at the very moment. I was like what, we are just 30 kms away from Pakistan. We immediately tracked our way again also asked the shopkeeper where our destination was and immediately we went from that place.

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