7 Days Best travel Itinerary for Assam

Best travel Itinerary for Assam

Want to plan a trip to Assam you are at the right place we will discuss a 7 days Travel itinerary for Assam. Assam is famous for It’s tea plantation, rice fields ,wildlife sanctuary and picturesque it is a perfect place for backpackers it is also called gateway to North East India, Assam is indubitably best known for it’s natural beauty and handicrafts. The food here is idiosyncratic and mouthwatering, people easily get in love with this place. Here is the 7 days Best travel Itinerary for Assam.


Kamakhya Temple.

Peacock Island/ Umananda Temple.

Bhubaneshwari Temple.

Brahmaputra River.

Cinnamara Avian Park.

Kamakshya Devalaya Temple.

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park.

Itinerary with the details | Best travel Itinerary for Assam

Day 0 reach Assam .

Book your flight or train to Assam Also make sure you have pre- booked your hotels room for a comfortable stay pre-booking and analyzing of hotels will help you for a Hassel free stay.

Day 1 travel to Guwahati from Assam.

How to reach. – It will take you 3 hr 16 minutes to reach Guwahati from Assam by car.

Places to visit-

Kamakhya Temple- The Hindu temple situated at the Nilachal hills in Guwahati. It is one of the 51 Shakti peethas, Assam. It is devoted to deity Kamakhya who is one of the ancient and most admired place for Tantric practices. One can easily get lost in the devotion of God while being to this temple.

Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra – There is a entry fee for this place which is 30 INR per person and if you carrying a camera it the you have to pay additional 10 INR for it There is lot of things to do inside there is a open air theater and various museums some of which depicts the life of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.

Day 2 in Guwahati | Best travel Itinerary for Assam

Places to visit –

Peacock Island/ Umananda Temple- This temple is opened for only sunrise to sunset try being on time here as you have to take ferry to go to this Island. There is temple located on this Island which dedicated to Lord Shiva. The last ferry to this Island is about 30 minutes before the sunset.

Bhubaneshwari Temple – The well known Bhubaneshwari Temple is the oldest and most revered temple, constructed in the honor of mother goddess Bhubhaneshwari. It is situated a little above the famed Kamakhya Temple on the Nilachal Hill. From here you can have the pleasure of the mesmerizing views. This place is visited by approximately 100 tourists everyday. You can also enjoy the picturesque of Guwahati from here.

Brahmaputra River – After a ferry ride in peacock Island come to this beautiful river to watch a mesmerizing sunset and walk along with the cold Breeze of the sea. You will have an extremely pleasant and relaxed time here.

Day 3 travel to Jorhat from Guwahati.

How to reach – It will take you 6 hours 24 minutes to reach Jorhat from Guwahati or you could also take RTC bus.

Places to visit –

Jorhat Science Centre & Planetarium – Jorhat science Centre and Planetarium was launched on July 06,2013 by Tarun Gogoi, esteemed Chief Minister of Assam and Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch. The centre spreads over an area of 1300 sq. mtr., built by National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, has emerged with a exhibition room on ‘Story of Oil’, another on ‘Fun Science’, this planetarium is completely computerized and has an attractive green Science Park. This is a wonderful place to experience and explore distinct features of science in an enjoyable aura.

Cinnamara Avian Park – It is the best place for all those wildlife lovers here you will be able to various variety of migrants birds, you will have a better view if you have binoculars with you so try bring them with you. You will be amazed by such beautiful place and so many varieties of bird.

Day 4 travel to Tezpur from Jorhat | Best travel Itinerary for Assam

How to reach – Take a cab from Tezpur to Jorhat which will take you 3 hours 45 min to reach Tezpur.

Places to visit-

Kamakshya Devalaya Temple – It is one of the most visited holy place it is also one of the 51 Shakti peethas it is believed that goddess sati womb felled here. Therefore this Temple is a symbol of women power and fertility.

Agnigarh Hill – This place is called by the name Agnigarh because “Agni means fire and “garh” means “fortress or wall in Sanskrit. Just like we make concrete boundary, in the same way king Bana isolated her beautiful daughter Usha by putting fire on all sides of this place to save her from the princes. In the end Usha was married to Annirudh who was nephew of Lord Krishna Usha was helped by her friend Chitralekha to find Annirudh whom she saw in her dreams.

Day 5 travel Dibrugrah from Tezpur | Best travel Itinerary for Assam

How to reach – you can take a cab to Dibrugrah from Tezpur which will take you 7 hr 4 min. Or else you could take bus will take 8 hr and the cost will be around 450 INR.

Places to visit –

Namphake Village- The tribe of Taiphake entered Assam in the year 1215 through Hukawng Valley and after crossing the Patkai Hills, in the year 1850 this very tribe established the village Namphake and they started to live permanently. There is a beautiful Buddhist monastery in the village you will get to know about Assam history and it’s adopted culture by visiting this village.

Day 6 in Dibrugrah.

Places to visit –

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary – It is the only the rainforest in Assam which has three parts – Dirok Rainforest, Upper Dihing River, and Jeypore it also have two elephants reservoirs – Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve & Dibru – Deomali. It is great place to view Assam nature and wildlife. You will be able to see variety of flora and fauna.

Naharkatia – As we all know Assam is the tea capital of India so visiting a tea town is mandatory , as we all know every place has a story the story behind the name of Naharkatia is that a Prince named Nahar was beheaded here by Ahom noble who was known by the name Kalia.

Day 7 travel to Tinsukia from Dibrugrah | Best travel Itinerary for Assam

How to reach – Take a taxi which is the fastest way to reach Tinsukia from Dibrugrah it will take you only 41 minutes and will cost you around 550-750 INR or you could also take a train which is a cheaper option it will take 95-600 INR and will take 1 hr 10 min to reach.

Places to visit –

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park – It is the largest park of Assam, it is also the 19th biodiversity hotspots in the world, you will find variety of spices here it is a best places for all those wildlife enthusiasts.

Digboi – As I earlier said you are in India’s tea plantation capital so you need to visit this another famous tea plantation place it is also the Asia’s first oil town with the first and oldest oil refinery.

Day 8 travel back to home

I hope you had great time here and enjoyed being here in this amazing state which is one of the most progressive state in India I hope you got to learn many new things about Assam and I hope you would love to visit this place again. Hope you like this article Best travel Itinerary for Assam.

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