7 days itinerary to Haryana

7 days itinerary to Haryana

      • Day 1 reach Karnal from Haryana : 7 days itinerary to Haryana

        How to reach – It will take you 2hr 55 minutes to reach Karnal from Haryana by road.

        Places to visit-

        • Karna Lake – Karna Lake could be a standard tourer attraction placed within the Karnal district of Haryana. additionally known as Karna Tal, the lake is spectacular to throughout sunset. The check lake, likewise because the district, area unit named once the famed character from religious writing, Karna. Karna Lake could be a human-made lake and contains a superbly improved Karna Lake tourer advanced adjacent to that.
        • Gurudwara Manji Sahib – The Gurudwara Manji ji is one amongst the highest attractions within the Karnal district of Haryana. it’s an area of nice historical and non secular significance. it’s related to the Guru Nanak Dev Malaysian Mujahidin Group, the primary Guru. a huge variety of devotees visit this Gurudwara to hunt the blessings of Waheguru. it’s referred to as the simplest Gurudwara in Karnal and is legendary for its celebrations throughout all Sikh festivals. The Gurudwara Manji European additionally provides food shelter to and individuals from all religions and creeds.

    Day 2 in Karnal. : 7 days itinerary to Haryana

      Places to visit –

      • Durga Bhavani temple – The Durga Bhavani temple is serene and tranquil, and homes the powerful embodiment of feminine cosmic power or Shakti. The Navratri competition within the temple is particularly fashionable – for 9 nights in September/October, the Mother god is alleged to descend upon earth and fight evil forces. On the tenth day, she finally vanquishes evil demons. This event is well known as Dussehra, marked by massive processions of the immortal on the roads, and tall statues of the god. Don’t forget to buy for handicrafts and native delicacies within the near markets! Metal jewellery and different trinkets ar particularly favourites here.
      • Sita Mai Temple -The Sita Mai temple is that the solely abode to divinity Sita within the whole country. The convoluted design catches the attention and causes you to marvel at the flowery carvings on the bricks. The distinct sort of construction makes it clear that the bricks were sculptured before burning them on the oven, creating it a characteristic sort of the region. The temple is devoted to the divine consort of the Hindu God Ram and is that the solely temple to the divine consort of the Hindu God Ram and is that the solely temple to the girl within the entire country. the design is Nepali, and also the rituals ar ancient also. native traditional knowledge has it that the temple marks the precise spot wherever Mother Earth is claimed to own taken woman Sita into herself once she was asked to prove her chastity to Lord Ram.

    Day 3  reach Gurugram  from Karnal. : 7 days itinerary to Haryana

    How to reach – It will take you 3 hr 13 minutes to reach Gurugram from Karnal by road.

    Places to visit –

    • Kingdom of Dreams – Stretching across many acres of land, the dominion of Dreams is one among the foremost picture places to go to in Gurgaon. the various nuances within the culture, heritage, cuisines and art varieties of Bharat fuse into amusement Nautanki a stunning sort and Mahal leisure. hosts of The many theatrical events and musicals, that square measure as attention grabbing as they’re informative. The visiting hours is 12PM – 12 AM which will cost you around 599-699 per head.
    • Damdama Lake – Damdama lake, extended across a neighbourhood of three,000 acres, is one among the most important natural lakes in Haryana. tucked away among the bounds of Sohna district, the lake sits around forty five klick far from Delhi’s Dhaula Kuan. Resting beneath the watchful gaze of the Aravalli Hills, the lake is right for day tours, hikes and seafaring activities. The visiting time is 9AM – 9 PM.

    Day 4 in  Gurugram.

    Places to visit –

    • Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary – One of the foremost fashionable weekend getaways close to Gurgaon, New Delhi, Noida, and Faridabad, Sultanpur edifice is found regarding forty kilometre aloof from the landmark Dhaula Kuan in city. a favourites amongst hikers, nature lovers and bird observance enthusiasts, the edifice has been declared a parkland by the government. whereas the landscape and natural fantastic thing about the park area unit unimaginable, there area unit measures being taken so as to make sure higher property and vegetation. The visiting time is 8AM – 6:30 PM and it will cost you 5 INR per head.
    • Murthal – Celebrated for a few of the foremost delicious Parathas in Gurgaon, Murthal sits on the National main road one, bridging Amritsar and city. situated within the Sonepat district of Haryana, Murthal is well on its thanks to changing into the Paratha hub of India. Born as a dhaba/food junction occupation to truck drivers, Murthal saw a forceful hike in quality, as a result of the exquisite parathas.

    Day 5  reach  Rohtak from Gurugram : 7 days itinerary to Haryana

    How to reach – It will take you 1hr 47 minutes to reach Rohtak from Gurugram.

    Places to visit –

    • Durga Bhawan Mandir – Being one in all the key spiritual shrines, Hindu deity Bhawan Mandir grabs the eye that it deserves. The temple welcomes pilgrims from places isolated to its massively vibrant abode. It’s grandly adorned throughout the Navratri with all the lights and lamps. The pageant of Navratri holds terribly high importance for the devotees of the divinity Maa Hindu deity.
    • Splash Water Park – Every Family or a gaggle of Friends plans of associate outing to pay some quality time along. In Rohtak, Splash Water Park is one such destination for families or friends. This place is water and funfair that has quite twenty rides to fancy. Some rides ar specially designed for teenagers, and a few thrilling rides ar designed for older youngsters (Adults). Splash water park will make sure that the full cluster incorporates a fantastic time and facilitate strengthen the bond Between everybody.

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