7 days itinerary to Karnataka

7 days itinerary to Karnataka

7 days itinerary to Karnataka

Want to plan a trip to Karnataka you are at the right place we will discuss a 7 days Travel itinerary for Karnataka .

Karnataka is primarily known for its Heritage destinations and its Wildlife/ National Parks. Apart from that, it is also famous for its magical hill stations, spectacular waterfalls, pilgrimage centres and a 320km long coastline dotted with intact beaches.


Panambur Beach.

Kudroli Temple.

Kadri Manjunath Temple.

Jog Falls.

Belgaum Fort.

Itinerary Details.Day 0 reach Karnataka.

Book your flight or train to Karnataka also make sure you have pre- booked your hotels room for a comfortable stay pre-booking and analysing of hotels will help you for a Hassel free stay.

Day 1 reach Bangalore

How to reach – It will take you 30 minutes to reach Bangalore from Karnataka by road.

Places to visit-

Lalbagh – Lalbagh facility is found in urban center and is nationwide and internationally famed centre for botanic design, scientific study of plants and conjointly conservation of plants. A haven for all nature lovers, Lal Bagh covers a district 240 acres within the heart of the town and has nearly one,854 species of plants. it had been commissioned by Hyder Ali in 1760 and completed by his son pride of Bolivia sawyer. The garden options rare plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin and has earned the standing of a Government facility. The Lal Bagh Rock that is over 3000 million years previous is found here and could be a major tourer attraction.

Bannerghatta National Park – The park itself features a variety of institutions inside its ambit, which incorporates the country’s first butterfly park also. Other attractions here ar 10 Reserve Forests of Anekal vary of the metropolis Forest associate degree tank, Division, a zoo, Children’s park, crocodilian Farm, Snake Park and Prehistoric Animals’ Park. What is additional, you’ll rise up shut and private with the wondrous life here by the means that of a jungle expedition, that could be a well-liked activity to pursue here.

Day 2 in Bangalore. : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

Places to visit –

Bangalore Palace – An epitome of nice design and sweetness, The Majestic city Palace preserves in it the spice of recent noble sumptuousness. presently the central attraction in city, the palace was inbuilt the year Chamarajendra Wadiyar’s 1878. British Guardians bought the initial property in 1873 from the principal of city Central high school, Rev, J Garret, from his funds. The palace is very huge and unfold across forty five,000 sq. feet. a mix of Tudor and Scottish style of architecture have resulted into the grand palace that we have a tendency to see nowadays. The picket structure of the palace along side the gorgeous carvings each within and out of doors showcases the royal culture in numerous ways that. Apart From being a serious holidaymaker destination, the palace could be a host to completely different cultural events, rock Shows, and marriages.

Innovative Film City – One of the foremost well-liked traveller attractions in metropolis, the place covers nearly fifty eight acres of land of fun-filled experiences. whether or not you prefer to buy, eat, merely walk and explore or expertise your childhood again; there’s one thing distinctive that Film town needs to give you. The Innovative Film town is broadly speaking divided into 3 components and is massive enough for you to pay a minimum of half your day here- to run around and luxuriate in all that the town needs to provide. Step into the Innovative Attractions to get pleasure from common rides and museums and luxuriate in the uncounted sections, like West Wind and Cartoon City; and therefore the Innovative Studio to witness the globe of films and glamour. Visit the Innovative vogue in between to get pleasure from looking and gorge on cuisines from all round the world.

Day 3 reach Mangalore from Bangalore. : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

How to reach – It will take you 8 hr to reach Mangalore from Bangalore.

Places to visit –

Panambur Beach – It is the primary beach within the country that is entirely closely-held by a personal enterprise, i.e. the Panambur Beach business Development Project. The motive is to teach the plenty regarding the potency of keeping beaches clean. attributable to its wonderful maintenance, the Panambur Beach has been awarded the cleanest and best-maintained beaches in Republic of India. Moreover, the attractive beach is hospitable many attractive beach is hospitable many events, promotional programmes, weddings, parties, etc.

Kudroli Temple – This temple was consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru for the Billava community in 1912, World Health Organization were prohibited entry into the other temple within the space. The spiritual being during this temple is Gokarnanatheshwara, Lord Shiva. the encircling temples and therefore the main temple itself area unit in-built province vogue, adorned with murals showing numerous mythological legends. The temple contains a large compound with marble flooring throughout and plenty of fully equipped cool wedding halls. throughout the time of Dasera, the temple is lit to the grandeur and therefore the entire Kudroli road is laden with stalls commercialism food and souvenirs.

Day 4 in Mangalore. : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

Places to visit –

Kadri Manjunath Temple – It is placed at the bottom of the Kadri hills, the chief immortal being Manjunatha. The temple has several caves around it because it is found on hillocks. These caves have depictions that return to prehistoric times. Kadri was once the centre of Buddhism. Buddhism declined and also the Natha Prantha, a brand new faith, came to being. They were believers of Lord Shiva and also the devotees were known as Jogis. The temple was restored persistently and also the current structure was wiped out the ordinal century. The temple has associate interest association to Lord Parasurama further. it’s aforesaid that Lord Parashurama was asked to search out a brand new abode known as Kadrivana for Lord Shiva.

Tannirbhavi Beach – Tannirbhavi Beach is one amongst the popular beaches within the town. The outline with golden sand and funky, contemporary air is rejuvenating, and folks area unit drawn to the natural great thing about the situation. correct seats and different facilities create the beach a oftentimes visited attraction, and it’s jam-pawncked usually on weekends and public holidays. getting into the ocean isn’t recommended, however one will attempt their hand at one amongst the water sports at the beach. There area unit lifeguards to stay a watch Associate in Nursingd rescue just in case of an accident, however, guests area unit suggested to watch out whereas getting into the water. The beach solely recently gained loads of recognition with the installation of recent facilities like correct washrooms, parking areas, lifeguards and several other eatery stalls.

Day 5 reach Shimoga from Mangalore : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

How to reach – It will take you 4hr 41 minutes to reach Shimoga from Mangalore by road.

Places to visit –

Jog Falls – The second-highest plunge falls in Asian country, Jog Falls could be a major holidaymaker attraction in Mysore and is that the highest falls within the state. Second, to the Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya, Jog falls drops a couple of immense 253 m (850 foot. ) during a single fall. However, thanks to the development of Linganamakki Dam that could be a electricity plant close by, the flow within the falls is vastly restricted before monsoons. So, it’s best to travel throughout the Monsoon season to examine the falls in its full kind.

Dabbe Falls – The lush forest and also the beautiful stream of water gushing down the drop attract nature lovers and explorers. The word ‘Dabbe’ interprets to ‘steps’ within the linguistic communication as a result of the stream bed of the falls tally steps. The waterfalls and pools in every step before it fill up and kind a cascading wall of water right down to subsequent step and this continues therefore. itinerary to Karnataka

Day 6 in Shimoga. : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

Places to visit-

Agumbe – This biodiversity-rich region has the best rain in south India and therefore the second-highest annual rain in India. Agumbe is Associate in Nursing enriching expertise as this hill station is endowed picturesque beauty and trekking trails. it’s one amongst the last living lowland rainforests. Agumbe served because the setting for India’s terribly illustrious fictional city Malgudi within the TV serial Malgudi Days.

Keladi – Keladi could be a village within the Shimoga District better-known for its made past and culture. Once served because the initial capital of the Keladi Nayaka Kingdom, nowadays this prime location is adorned with 2 common attractions i.e. Keladi Rameshwaram Temple and Keladi repository. The temple dedicated to Lord Rameshwaram is that the finest example of 3 varieties of design particularly Hoysala, Dravidian and Kadamba. The temple conjointly homes the shrines of Lord Veerbhadra and god Hindu deity. The repository within the village contains associate degree antique assortment of artefacts and alternative souvenirs of the bygone era happiness to Keladi Nayaks.

Day 7 reach Belgaum from Shimoga : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

How to reach- It will take you 5 hr 42 minutes to reach Belgaum from Shimoga.

Places to visit –

Belgaum Fort – Belgaum Fort is believed to possess been designed by the rulers of Ratt family line in 1204 AD. common as Belgavi Fort, this can be one in all the foremost common places to go to in Belgaum. With shrines of divinity Hindu deity and Ganesa at the doorway, the design fort options a fusion of Chalukyan, Deccan and Indo-Saracenic art forms and therefore the unimaginable lotus style at the Mukhamantaapa leaves everybody in awe of.

Jamboti Hills & Falls – Those who love journey and trekking should keep Jamboti Hills in your list of places to go to in Belgaum. settled at the outskirts, Jamboti Hills is that the birthplace of Mandovi River the longest watercourse of province and may be a scenic and serene place to explore. good for nature lovers, photographers, and trekkers, this place is undeniably one among the foremost scenic places close to Belgaum.

Day 8 travel back home. : 7 days itinerary to Karnataka

I hope you had a splendid week at Karnataka and you not only got to learn more about Karnataka and it’s culture but enjoyed your holidays in Karnataka and would love to come back.

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