7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram | Explore the Best

7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram | Explore the Best

7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

Want to plan a trip to Mizoram you are at the right place we will discuss a 7 days Travel itinerary for Mizoram.

Known for its evergreen hills and dense bamboo jungles, Mizoram lies within the southernmost tip of north archipelago. Known as the Land of Blue Mountains, the hills are crisscross by gushing rivers and high sparkling waterfalls. The Siaha stream is that the biggest stream in Mizoram’s associate degreed anglers paradise. Below is the 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram | Explore the Best.


Mizoram State Museum.

Solomon’s Temple.

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Saikuti Hall.

The Nghasih Stream.

Chhingpuii Thlan.

Itinerary Details | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram | Explore the Best

Day 0 reach Mizoram | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

Book your flight or train to Mizoram also make sure you have pre- booked your hotels room for a comfortable stay pre-booking and analysing of hotels will help you for a Hassel free stay.

Day 1 Reach Aizawl from Mizoram | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

How to reach – It will take you 3hr 49 minutes to reach Aizawl from Mizoram.

Places to visit –

Mizoram State Museum – The Mizoram State repository is in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. it’s AN anthropology repository with utile collections on show. There square measure 5 galleries: Textile Gallery, Ethnology, History, social science, explanation, and an anthropology Terrace. the gathering occupies four floors. The repository was established in Apr 1977 by the social group analysis Institute underneath executive department. From 1989, it came underneath Art and Culture department.

Phulpui Grave – Phulpui Grave attracts many tourer from so much and wide WHO return here to envision the graves of the wild lady. you’ll simply reach the Phulpui Grave from Aizawl by the buses plying frequently from Aizawl to Phulpui village.

Day 2 in Aizawl | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

Places to visit –

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary – Khawnglung life Sanctuary is found regarding one hundred sixty klick off from the capital town of Mizoram, Aizawl. it’s encircled and guarded by soaring high inexperienced mountains from all sides and is home to a massive range of exotic animals, a number of that area unit leopard, deer, sambar ruminant, hoolock and gibbon. The Khawnglung preserves life Sanctuary wealthy the multifariousness of Asian nation.

Solomon’s Temple – Located on the Western facet of Aizawl town, it’s one among the foremost stunning church within the hills made by Kohhran Thianghlim that is rendered ‘The Holy Church’ in English. it’s a non-denominational church supported by Dr. L.B. Sailo in 1984. meant as a re-creation of the Temple of male monarch in Jerusalem, it is a white-marble sq. with lofty facades on every of its 37 metre sides and steeples at every corner. The Temple space accommodates 2,000 individuals inside the thousand .

Day 3 reach Lunglei from Aizawl | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

How to reach – It take you 5 hr 55 minutes to reach Lunglei from Aizawl by road.

Places to visit-

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary – With evergreen forest that provide a lush unfold around fifty sq kms. A inexperienced Thorangtlang characteristic life beauty, Sanctuary is feature of the sanctuary area unit elephants that migrate to the place from East Pakistan. alternative animals found here area unit canine, deer, Leaf Monkey, tigers, leopards, porcupine, Jungle Cat, Sambar, Hoolock Gibbon and additional. Bird lovers will realize Thorangtlang life Sanctuary Monkey, tigers, leopards, porcupine, Jungle Cat, Sambar, Hoolock Gibbon and additional. Bird lovers will realize Thorangtlang life Sanctuary price visiting as there area unit a spread of bird species within the space, creating bird look associate exciting and fulfilling expertise. it’s well connected by air, rail and road, that makes it terribly accessible and straightforward to simplest time to achieve. the go to the Thorangtlang life Sanctuary is from October to March.

Saikuti Hall – If you visit Mizoram and come back while not expertise the native culture or going to comprehend it, then your visit isn’t complete. that’s why, a visit to the Saikuti Hall may be a should. Actually, may be a building with several stories that homes associate area, library, restaurants, museum, a conference hall and additional. The area will seat a minimum of 1200 individuals. On the primary floor is set the District repository that was established in 2006.

Rare Artifacts, statues, and alternative collections that square measure avid symbols of Mizo art and culture may be found here. Several art works of native artists too square measure displayed here.

Day 4 in Lunglei | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

Places to visit-

Saza Wildlife Sanctuary – Another sanctuary that may be a must-visit after you area unit at Lunglei is that the Saza life Sanctuary. To be around nature, with lush trees, wild flowers, exotic flora and fauna which incorporates several animals and totally different species of birds, Saza life Sanctuary permits you to be within the lap of nature. It not solely soothes your senses however conjointly refreshes your mind.

The Nghasih Stream -It is a little however stunning riverine, that is really a tributary of Tlawng watercourse. The serene atmosphere round the stream at the side of its picturesque beauty makes the Nghasih stream very talked about with tourists. It’s a good place to relax taking within the fantastic thing about the watercourse, the pleasant climate and therefore the serenity of the place. A visit here extremely causes you to transcend to a special place altogether.

Lunglei Bridge – It is a bridge of rock found round the Nghasih stream. In fact, it’s from the name of this rock that the Lunglei district gets its name. that’s to mention that a visit to the bridge suggests that you’re visiting a chunk of history.

Day 5 reach Serchhip from Lunglei | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

How to reach – It will take you 3 hr 52 minutes to reach Serchhip from Lunglei.

Places to visit-

Vantawng Falls – Vantawng Falls is that the highest body of water in entire Mizoram and undoubtedly the foremost stunning. The falls gets its name from a celebrated swimmer of the region. It’s aforementioned that he may perform several stunts within the cascading waters here and through one such performance, a significant log fell on him, killing him on the spot. Thus the body of water was named once him. Vantawng Falls are at a height of 750 linear unit and its gushing waters from such a height are a sight to care for. There are wooded hills all around and thus it’s insufferable to travel close to the body of water. that’s why, the touristy Department has found out a reading tower that offers a panoramic view of the body of water.

Chhingpuii Thlan – Chhingpuii Thlan is truly a stone memorial between that was Baktawng engineered and Chhingchhip. it had been erected within the memory of Chhingpuii WHO was a fine looking fille. Her happy life along with her husband Kaptuanga was restrict once she was abducted and killed throughout the war that hit the region from 1877 to 1880. Kaptuanga was thus appalled and saddened by his beloved’s death that he additionally committed suicide at this spot. The memorial stands as tribute to the a glowing romance of 2 youngsters and their tragic finish.

Day 6 in Serchhip | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

Places to visit –

Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung – Zoluti Hriatrengna respiratory organ is really a memorial stone made within the memory of Zoluti, World Health Organization was the female offspring of a manager of 1 of the tea gardens of the realm, whose name was Dr. Winchester. There are several stories relating to Zoluti whose real name was female parent Winchester. She was captured and handed over to country in 1872.

Thenzawl Deer Park-

Day 7 reach kolasib from Serchhip | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

How to reach – It will take you 6 hr 10 minutes to reach kolasib from Serchhip.

Places to visit in –

Tamdil Lake – A park dedicated to the conservation of ruminant, Thenzawl ruminant Park is one in every of the simplest attractions in Serchhip. Earlier, it absolutely was a forest however nowadays it’s a ruminant park. Since it’s the sole park of its kind, the ruminant Park attracts guests from everywhere the country and abroad. Currently, there are around eleven feminine ruminant and six male ruminant at the park and it’s a stunning sight to visualize these differing kinds of fish.

Chawngchilhi Puk- It is really a cave placed amidst mountains and exquisite inexperienced trees. An additional attraction here is that the recognizing of various bird species and mammals. A ride to the cave could be a unsmooth one, which may even be counted joined of the adventures. What makes this cave a mystery and common could be a legend related to it. It’s aforementioned that the cave gets .Its name from a lady United Nations agency fell infatuated with a serpent. She gave birth to a baby here within the cave and that’s why the cave was named when her.

Day 8 travel back home | 7 Days Itinerary to Mizoram

I hope you had a splendid week at Mizoram and you not only got to learn more about Mizoram and it’s culture but enjoyed your holidays in Mizoram and would love to come back.

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