7 effective ways to take care of very dry skin

7 effective ways to take care of very dry skin

How to take care of very dry skin 

Do you suffer from perpetually dry and flaky skin no matter how much moisturizer you slather  on? Treating dry skin is not just about slathering lotions and creams, because you can drench  yourself in lotions all day long and still revert back to the same uncomfortable, dry and rough  skin. So, understanding the root cause for dryness and treating it strategically with the right  products that have key ingredients are crucial.  

Replenishing routine for very dry skin 

1. Cleansing - Begin with a gentle, but effective cleanser that does not contain any harsh  ingredients like sulphates or alcohols. Using cleansers that strip off the natural oils on the  skin can be counter productive. It is important to avoid bar soaps and scrubs as these  products aggravate the dryness issue by irritating the skin barrier which leads to water  loss from the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). 


2. Toning – If you must, you can use toners with replenishing and rejuvenating ingredients.  Look for hydrating and nourishing ingredients.  

3. AHAs – Switch to chemical exfoliants like AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids), instead of  physical scrubs that can be highly irritating, esp. on dry skin. Choosing leave-on AHAs  like lactic acid can beneficial because they not only exfoliate gently, but also hydrate the  skin at the same time. Stick to less than 5% concentration of the acids. Exfoliants need to  be used only once or twice a week. 

4. Moisturizer/Serum – Serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid help draw moisture  into the skin and keep it hydrated. Moisturizers with the right proportion of humectants,  emollients and occlusives can work well to reduce dryness. Some skin types might not  need all these three. This can be a tricky step because you need to achieve the right  combination of serum/moisturizer. You want a moisturizer and/or serum that contains  skin rejuvenating and renewing ingredients and at the same time hydrating enough to  quench dry skin.

5. Facial oil – Finally, use a facial oil at night. You can either apply it strategically on dry  patches or on the whole face. This locks in the moisture provided in the previous steps. 

6. Sun protection – Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day is an unquestionable  step in any skin care routine. As far as dry skin care is concerned, this is an equally  important step because cumulative unprotected sun exposure is a prime reason for  dryness. 

7. Dry skin on the body – For the rest of the body, use a gentle body cleanser while  bathing. Pat dry using a towel and apply a light oil when the skin is damp for better  absorption. If needed you can top it off using a thick body lotion or cream. Slugging is a Korean skin care method that entails trapping water on the skin using petrolatum like  Vaseline. This is an effective way to keep the skin moist for very dry skin too.  

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