8 Best Fiber Supplements for Kids & Adults that Actually Work

8 Best Fiber Supplements for Kids & Adults that Actually Work

Constipation has become a common problem nowadays. Whether it’s for adults or kids, fiber is a vital part of a healthy diet. Fiber supplements are highly recommended by experts because they aid in maintaining bowel health, controlling blood sugar levels, and achieving a healthy weight.

Consuming enough fiber is the best practice for healthy living. Natural sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lentils, black beans, etc. Prebiotics, a type of fiber promotes healthy gut bacteria and easy digestion.

Fiber supplements for kids are available in different forms like gummies, capsules, powders.

Read on to know more about the importance of fiber and recommended fiber supplements for kids.

Easy Yet Tasty Ways to Include More Fiber in Kid’s Diet

1. Include more vegetables in dishes

Fiber has many health benefits. Vegetables are one of the best natural sources of fiber. There are cases where the kids refuse to eat the meal after seeing vegetables on their plate. To handle these situations, try making some yummy dishes where veggies are covered with kid’s favorite items, like, vegetable pasta, roti pizza, veg rolls, salads with favorite seasoning, etc.

2. Popcorn

Yes, you read it right. Instead of giving oily chips or chaats, the best snack option is Popcorn, which contains 4 gms of fiber per ounce. Fewer calories and if you wish to add flavor, sprinkle cinnamon on it. You can also try gummies available in the market which are the best fiber supplements for kids and are travel friendly to prevent constipation. Have a pack of popcorn and a few gummies. And, you are ready for a non-messy, guilt-free trip with kids.

3. Apple, Pears and Berries

A small apple contains 3.6 grams of fiber which you can give kids as a mid-day snack or in the evenings. Pears contain 5.5 grams of fiber and Berries provide 4 grams for every 1/2 cup. These are the natural fiber supplements for kids to include in their diet. These not only give sufficient fiber but also energize the whole body which keeps the kid active the whole day.

How much fiber does your child need?

Below is an approx measurement of fiber requirements depending on the child’s age. Source

  • Children 1 to 3 years: 19 grams of fiber/day.
  • Children 4 to 8 years: 25 grams of fiber/day.
  • Boys 9 to 13 years: 31 grams of fiber/day.
  • Girls 9 to 13 years: 26 grams of fiber/day.
  • Boys 14 to 19 years: 38 grams of fiber/day.
  • Girls 14 to 19 years: 26 grams of fiber/day.

If you are not sure whether your child is consuming fiber, talk to a pediatrician about this, there are many Fiber Supplements for Kids which you can easily adopt in their diet.

If you want to find the side effects of fiber and know the best Fiber supplement brands, check out this article: 8 Best Fiber supplements for kids


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