8 Female Signs That Secretly Say "I Want You!" | TML
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8 Female Signs That Secretly Say "I Want You!" | TML

14 views • Sep 13th, 2020

8 Female Signs That Secretly Say

8 female signs that secretly say "I want you!"

 Women are never direct with what they want.  Sometimes they seemed to be in the mood, but they were just charming ...

 Others, men do not realize the interest and end up taking too long to take the next step ...

 The confusion happens because the nuances of female flirting, incredibly subtle, usually go completely unnoticed.

 Men tend to look for more direct signs of interest.

 That is why I have selected some clues that will help you deal with this confusion.

 The next time you ask yourself whether or not you have a chance with a woman, look for any of the following signs ...

 1. Her voice is "more feminine"

 One of the best ways to determine if a girl is giving you a break is to observe the tone she uses when speaking to you.

 When you're in a class with the woman you like, listen to how she talks to her friends and the other guys in the group.

 Girls don't usually talk to their friends in a high-pitched tone.  The most common is that the timbre is a little more serious and accelerated.

 On the other hand…

 If a girl talks to a guy she finds attractive, she unknowingly uses a more childish, sweeter tone.

 It is an involuntary attempt by her to appear more feminine.

 Does her voice get higher when she talks to you?

 If so, you've already started well!

 2. She uses suggestive touches

 Although touch is a common indicator of romantic interest, not all touches are of interest.

 If the pat she gives you on the back is a little more firm and she says the words "awwwww" or "ok" in response to something you have done, she probably sees you as a friend.

 She is not using touch to communicate a more serious interest.

 On the other hand…

 Touching your shoulders, arms or legs, they already say something quite different ...

 She can rest her hand on your arm while you are in an intimate conversation, or give you a playful push and laugh, if you provoke her.

 So, the next time a woman touches you, notice what the context is… She’s probably giving you a break!

 3. She maintains eye contact

 Maintaining eye contact with a person is very intimate.

 Still, these looks of interest pass by most men.

 Going a step further, a recent study has shown that prolonged eye contact can even make two people fall in love.

 In the study, participants of opposite sexes were asked to focus on each other's eyes for two minutes.

 After that time, many of the participants said they felt a significant increase in feelings of passion and love.

 Not bad for a simple look!

 Naturally, we have maintained eye contact for longer with people we like.

 Use that knowledge to your advantage.

 If a girl looks at you, especially when you are not talking directly, you may know that there is attraction going on.

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