9 Business Lessons we Learn from Squid Game

9 Business Lessons we Learn from Squid Game

Squid Game, a South Korean drama series created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, is currently streaming at the top of the rankings on Netflix. The show appeals to a diverse audience, including those who prefer suspense and thrillers, as well as those who enjoy emotional, dramatic, and comedic elements. That is why we believe the current buzz surrounding this show is well-deserved, and it is the perfect show for anyone looking for something new to binge on.
Squid Game is much more than just a fun survival game series. Squid Game is more than just a game. It also includes a number of life lessons that can be practised and applied in the real world.
Teamwork is always the most effective way to achieve success.
Entrepreneurs and business owners are well-known for attempting to wear multiple hats in order to maintain control over all aspects of their business or to save money. The tug-of-war episode of Squid Game demonstrates how team members can outperform a far physically stronger team of opponents by listening to each other, thinking together, and cooperating. To thrive, we must be able to work as a team. It is frequently used in our businesses.
Strategy and Planning
If you're on the losing end of the game but have better preparation and strategies than your opponents, you've already won the fight. The same scenarios are depicted in the show's Tug of War game. On the one hand, there is a team made up entirely of strong men, and on the other, there is a team made up entirely of ladies and an elderly man. The other team appears to be winning, but this is not the case. The old man devises a strategy and method to defeat all of the powerful men, saving his life from being crushed. The two pillars of a business organisation are strategy and planning. Only displays the graphs, while the other instructs you on how to reach the highest point of the graph.
Consider Thinking Outside the Box
Participants in one of the games must use a needle to cut a form on their honeycomb without shattering it. It's difficult to carve the forms with a needle in less than ten minutes, but player 456, Gi Hun, discovered that licking the back of the honeycomb to break off the unwanted bits is easier. When he started doing this, several people around him started doing the same, and he was able to finish the round. There are numerous approaches to resolving a problem. Prepare to think outside the box in order to survive. To achieve your goal, dare to think outside the box.
Experience always Help you in Future
In the game glass stepping stones, players must cross a bridge made of glass panels. The issue is that half of them are glass panels that cannot support the weight of a person, while the other half are tempered glass that can support the weight of two people. One of the participants was a glassmaker who could distinguish between the various glasses and thus navigate the maze. Your coworkers may have prior experience that you can draw on to deal with potential job problems. As a result, the experience is never wasted.
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