9 Things You Should Never Do in London

9 Things You Should Never Do in London

What not to do in London

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. You might always get attracted to the serenity that the London possesses. Whether it is the hustling posh streets or the great art museums, London has never failed to attract the tourists. But it is place where there are strict rules to be followed of. So the travelers must get familiar will the basic protocols that need to be followed over there.

This will help you to make your travel a bit more easier and you can avoid the slips while exploring any places or while travelling in tubes and also while chilling in the bar. Here are some of the rules or the “don’t” that you need to take care of before planning your trip to London.

Things not to do while traveling in London:

Don’t ignore public transportation:

London has an amazing public transportation. When you arrive at London and think of booking a cab from the airport, that’s the first mistake you might make. London airports are very far from the city and travelling to your hotel through cab from airport may cost you way too much.

Don’t underestimate walking:

This is something that no one has thought of getting advice on. But yes, if you are in London then you need to follow some specific rules so as not to disturb the local folk over there. Often while walking on the streets make a habit of standing on the side if you are waiting for someone or searching something. In a busy city like London, people are always in a short of time so they are in a hurry always. So if you stand in between blocking their paths then it may enrage them. Always have a look at the left side as well the right one while you cross the road because this country follow different traffic rules and always cross through the zebra – crossings.

Don’t plan without checking the weather:

One of the common perceptions that the people have is that London is always cold and wet. But that isn’t completely true. London experiences all kind of weathers; it is as hot in summers as it gets cold during winters. Always be prepared with enough amounts of clothes with you. Keep layers packed with you so that you can use it during cold and remove it when you feel hot mostly during the day time. Also keep one waterproof layer with you so incase of rains, you don’t spoil your trip.

Don’t forget your manners:

People in London are very polite and kind. So don’t forget saying ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’ and other things while you are travelling there. Try to respect each and every individual whether they are younger or older than you. Also follow the common rules that people over there do like – never ever break or skip a line or queue while waiting of a tube ticket or at any shop or for anything that has a queue. They are very strict for such rules and they hate it when someone tries to break them.

Don’t just look for the popular sights:

London has many tourist sites and other artistic attractions. If you are planning to go for the famous wax museum madame tussads or London dungeons or the ride on the London eye, then it is going to cost you a lot as the tickets to these tourist places are very expensive. So to not burn a hole in your pocket, try to find other tourist places which have free entries or very minimal charges. There are national galleries like Van Gogh and of Da Vinci or the famous national history museum where they don’t charge a penny.

The replacement of the visit to London ye can be the sky garden which will offer you mesmerizing views of the London skyline and that too for free.

Not planning ahead:

It is one of the things that can often ruin our trip as we do not chance to do our favorite things. Whatever you’ve planned to see, make sure that you book your tickets to that earlier. It can also help you save your time and money and can also get you amazing deals. The famous places in London like the theaters or London eye often gets full and the tickets get sold out during the day time itself. So pre-plan your visits and make sure you analyze the time between each place and then book your tickets.

Don’t stand on the left:

This is a golden rule which you need to follow in London anyhow. If you don’t know that than people will come to know that you are a foreigner and you may receive disgrace. Always stand on your right while you are on escalators. Yes, London people have this strange rule where the left is for walking and moving and they won’t like if you stand in between their ways. So make sure whenever you are on the escalators, you need to stand on your right side.

Don’t leave your valuables anywhere:

Whenever you travel to any place, this is the most important thing you need to keep in your mind. No one wants to lose their valuable things. So make a habit of carrying all your important necessary stuff around with you in a closed zipper bag. Or if you don’t need it anywhere, keep it safe at the hotel. Don’t keep you wallets in your back pockets as it becomes an open invitation to the pick-pockets.

London is a busy city with all of its streets always full with people, so you won’t even know where did you lose your stuff either you forgot or dropped it anywhere. Try to wear clothes containing zipped pockets so that you can keep your stuff safe in there. Also never leave your handbags here and there while exploring the streets or tourist places. Be self aware and it will help you a lot with your travel.

Avoid travelling during the rush hour:

Between 7:30-9:30 a.m in the morning and between 5:00-7:00 p.m in the evening is known as the rush hour in London. Often at this period of time the office workers and all the people commute to and back from their home and work. And most of the people in London travel through public transport like tubes. So it becomes very congested and rushed. So whenever you are London for a trip, try to skip travelling during the rush hours. Instead at that time you can explore the places around your hotel by walking.

Avoid dining at carts:

London has a variety of restaurants and diners and coffee shops. After exploring late at the night or enjoying at pub, if you wish to have dinner then do not opt for the temporary food carts which sell the food. Cases are seen where this kind of food has been proved unhygienic and unhealthy. So it’s better to skip those just for saving some pounds and then getting sick. Instead go for some diner or restaurants which serve good quality food. This will save you from getting infections and thus help you enjoy your trip without any problems.

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