A day in Paradise – Nainital

A day in Paradise – Nainital


I am Sakshi Ahuja, despite being a software engineer and I love writing articles and stories. Also, specifically as I love traveling so mostly I end up writing travel related articles. This is another beautiful journey to Nanital From the hectic life schedule, me and all of my friends went on an exciting short trip to Nainital. We were approximately 40 students. My story to Nainital.

Our Journey

We started our journey by train. All of us got different seats in different compartments. We wanted to sit together and enjoy talking, singing, laughing as we had started our journey from Rajasthan and the way was of 12 hours so we couldn’t sit separately. So we requested other people to exchange the seats and fortunately, all of them agreed. Some places to best to visit in Nainital.

As we were 40 of friends, it was a large group so we had so much fun, we made fun of each other, played so many games. This train experience was the most amazing, irreplaceable and unforgettable for the rest of our lives. None of us slept that night. After 12 hours of amazing journey, we reached the last station kathgodam now we had to take taxis from there to go to Nainital.

Lake View

The dam was near us but the way for reaching it was very difficult. We had to cross a small kind of lake whose water was reaching above our knees. The view was so beautiful, so soothing as water made its noise while flowing. The voice of flowing water was so beautiful. We were so close to nature.

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