Are You Part Of A ‘B-School’ Or a ‘J-School’?

Every year, more than 3 lakh Indian students pass out as B-School students across the country simply to get that one prestigious label on their resume known as – MBA. The most intriguing part is – only 6% of the population can actually afford the highest level of this education programme.

And even more intriguing is the fact that less than 5% of the students who pass out of B-Schools actually become business owners.

The B-School Paranoia

Everyone wants to be different but no one wants to walk a different path.

Only two decades ago, the most sought-after profession was engineering. It was so much sought after that those students who were not able to make it to an engineering college were deemed to be useless for lifetime.

The 3 idiots situation of Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi was very much real.

The other side of this reality was, that when the IT boom struck India in the year 2000, it did not matter which stream a student belonged to. Everyone from Computer Engineering to Civil Engineering made it into an IT company through the campus interview. The fact was, it was a win-win for all. Cheap labor for companies, grand reputation and promise of more students at higher fees next year for institutions, and a return on investment for the few students and their parents.

In early 2000’s, applying for an MBA through GMAT / CAT was gradually picking up momentum and that too in the metro cities. The non metro cities still relied very much on engineering degrees as a promise of future career.


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