Author Answers Kayelle Allen #SciFi #Romanc
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Author Answers Kayelle Allen #SciFi #Romanc

39 views • Oct 10th, 2020

Romance from another planet but love is universal. Today I feature Kayelle Allen on Eloquent Articulation. She shares some tried and tested tips for writing, book marketing, and being a consistent author. We also talk about her latest book that features a cute child with a deep meaningful story. Kayelle writes Sci-Fi Romantic fiction.

I often hear the question, “How do you find time to write?” I don’t. I make time. It’s a priority. I give up other things so I can write.

Can you spare only ten minutes a day? You can write a book in a year by carving out that much time to work. Go listen to author Chris Fox tell his amazing story about writing on the bus every day during his commute. He did it for years. Now, he’s a best-selling author who makes his living writing books. I have read his entire series for authors. The man simply tells people the truth about what it takes to write.

The other thing I’d advise is not to pay big money for courses on how to market. Google David Gaughran. He teaches you what to do, charges nothing for it, and gives you his books so you can succeed.

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