Backpacking Trek to Chanderkhani Pass – Manali

Backpacking Trek to Chanderkhani Pass – Manali

Backpacking Trek to Chanderkhani Pass

Enriching, revealing, fulfilling, rejuvenating – the list of adjectives can grow rightly long when it comes to describing road trip experiences. To experience this I and my friends planned a trek to Chanderkhani pass, which is near to Manali i.e., 30kms before Manali- Himachal Pradesh. So finally our trip started from Gurgaon via our personal car at 5 in the evening. We packed everything that would be necessary for a trek, like a tent, food, utensils etc. Our journey was now started. Read below Backpacking Trek to Chanderkhani Pass – Manali

First Stop:-

The first spot where we stopped was at Sukhdev Dhaba Murthal. Murthal is worldwide famous for its various kinds of special paranthas. We had our dinner there at Murthal and after having the dinner we again started our journey. Now it was around 11 pm and mountain area was going to begin. So we thought of staying somewhere at night because it’s difficult to drive on mountains at night. 

Traveling in Mountain:-

Now, it was the second day. We woke up in the morning and got ready for the further trip. We had our breakfast in the gurudwara itself and began our journey to Manali. Now the mountains began. The weather was so beautiful and those mountains in such a weather were so satisfying. We enjoyed a lot of traveling in the mountains. At around 2 in the afternoon, we reached Kullu where we took rest for an hour and had our lunch in a gurudwara again. After having rest for a small duration, we again started our trip.

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