Bajaj Chetak Review 2022

Bajaj Chetak Review 2022

Design- Bajaj is recognised for its great designs, and they lived true to their reputation by elevating the Chetak design to new heights. The scooter is ideal for today’s age, and the characteristics are really appealing with 2 seats and a great body design. The scooter has also been referred to as one of the most fashionable scooters on the market. The design is stylish, yet it adheres to Bajaj’s traditional direction.

Colour- The scooter’s paint job has a glossy sheen that matches the ergonomic external design. The bends are designed in strategic locations to assist the rider in navigating through traffic on all circumstances. It is available in a variety of colour options like Black, Red, Blue, White, etc. The colour pallet offers a wealth of alternatives, allowing everyone to discover the right fit.

Power- The Bajaj Chetak embodies all of the characteristics of an electric scooter, and as a result, its performance is outstanding. Its engine operates silently and without making mechanical sounds, allowing you to ride in complete tranquilly. In terms of power, the scooter’s motor has a maximum output of 4080 W, which is plenty for any two-wheeler. It enables the scooter to produce a large level of torque, resulting in quick pick-up and consistent high speed.

Dimensions- This incredible electric scooter’s length/width/height is said to be 1970/ 745/1145 mm.

Specs- Retractable Luggage Hook, Glove Box, Electronic Switches, Reverse Gear, Signature “C,” Fuel Warning Indicator, Fuel Gauge, Low Battery Indicator, and Pass Light are just a few of its remarkable features. These may be discovered with time and practise, of course.

Modes- The Bajaj Chetak has two riding modes to accommodate the consumer’s riding needs. These modes differ in terms of power generating levels, allowing the motor’s efficiency to be maximised. For openers, the Eco mode is intended for crowded highways where you cannot fly through traffic, but the Sports option allows the rider to easily brush by vacant streets. Because these modes need varying degrees of battery power, you should exercise caution when utilising them.

Battery Life- The Chetak features a Bosch battery that is also IP-67 certified. The battery provides a range of 85 kilometres in sports mode and 95 kilometres in eco mode. These stats are difficult to achieve on Indian roads, yet the real production matches the claims. When the battery is not in use, it lasts for a respectable amount of time. It lasts for several days rather than being depleted in a single day. The battery’s retention is dependent on the rider’s usage. The scooter charges in around five hours, so you can charge it in one night and have it ready for a couple of days.

Mileage- The Bajaj Chetak’s 48 V/60.3 Ah battery takes 5 hours to completely charge and has a stated range of 85-95 km per charge. The mileage of the Bajaj Chetak is 95 kilometres per charge.

COMPARISION WITH ATHER 450X – Bajaj Chetak Review

Let us now shine a light on Bajaj’s main rival, the Ather 450X, given that we are clear on Bajaj’s specifications and specs.

Pricing- In terms of price, Bajaj outperforms Ather since the Chetak costs INR 27,000 less than the 450X. Bajaj’s performance is optimised for daily demands, giving it a distinct advantage over its most formidable competition.

Colour Choices- The Ather 450X is a good choice, but it only comes in three colours. These are plain colours that lack the thrill that Bajaj Chetak was able to generate due to its vast palette.

Comfort- Because the Ather 450X has telescopic suspension, critics expected the same from the Bajaj Chetak. Chetak, on the other hand, went with a leading link unit, which appears to provide a comfortable ride.

Wheel Sizing- In terms of wheel size, Ather comes out on top since it has more ground clearance. This is also one of the most important factors for their commercial appeal and goodwill. Bajaj Chetak Review

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