Beginners Guide to Making Money from Instagram

Beginners Guide to Making Money from Instagram

Beginners Guide to Making Money from Instagram

Instagarm is one of the most popular social media app owned by 94million users out of which 75% of the users are below 35 years of age. It is a photo-short video sharing social platform which lets its users post, like, comment, and connects people from all over the world. It is also linked with other social media apps like twitter, face book. Instagaram was launched on April3, 2012.

Instagram gained its sudden popularity in 2011 -2012 when the funding for the app crossed 7million$ with more than 1million downloads. In the summer of 2012 instagram caught facebooks interest and on April 9, 2012 bought instagram for 1billion$ after which there was no stopping instagram’s success. The app kept updating its new features like filters, video editing, hash tags and instagram stories, during all this some users were rising in popularity for being able to influence and easily persuade a large number of their followers, these users were called Instagram Influencers.

Easy Ways to Make Money Fast Within A Short Time

Influencers have a lot of earning capacity

Influencers have the power to manipulate the user behavior of the followers, who attach themselves to the influencer and have a sense of belongingness, admiration and strive to be like them. The want of followers to be like their desired influencer makes them engage in the same activity as the celebrity, seeing this big branded companies make use of this power by associating, hiring or having a partnership with them where they don’t only have the opportunity to influence consumer behavior but also get paid. The amount of money is decided by the amount of followers and rate of consistency of engagement of the audience

According to analyzers 72% of the companies invest in rising influencers as their advertising and marketing plan. There has been an increase of number of influencers for the past one decade. Besides being an influencer entrepreneurs’, who sell their own products and marketers who sell others product can also make money using instagram.

Ways of making money on Instagarm

Partnership with branded companies or influencer

Shout outs

Plan and organize

Engage with the audience

Being transparent with the audience

Be professional

Self promote

Know your audience

How much do influencers make on instagram?

In a survey 42% of the influencers said that they charge around 200$ -400$ for a single post. 11 ways to pay off your debt faster

Some famous influencer’s

Theresa Naguyen – is a teenaged influencer with a homemaking slime channel account who has over 747K followers.

Huda Kattan- Is a beauty blogger with 23.8million followers

Cameron Dallas-is an actor- model celebrity with over19.8m followers.

How to handle the account

Have a short and crisp bio

Post regularly

Appropriate hash tags

Quality content

Interact with your followers

Be approachable

Have a theme or some cause you are passionate about.

Unlike influencers marketers and entrepreneurs have to use support of marketing, funding.

Entrepreneurs and their products

Think of some unique product

Decide the demographic you want to go for

Check whether its inclusive to all

Test the demand

Invest in advertising

One good thing about being a marketer is that the brain cracking process of making desired product is done by someonelse but one of the most important phase of a company is to make sales and that’s where marketers come in. They partner up with manufacturers, sponsor influencers, plan and strategize for large sales. Ways to save money on grocery buying

To summarize

Instagram is a profitable social media networking service through which people either with good persuasive and person skills, marketing skills or an entrepreneur with innovative ideas can earn good amount of money.The way to go is to maintain the aacount, be responsive, creative or consistent with the content, maintain good business relations.

Even though making money on instagarm seems to appear easy from the outside but it does need a lot of research, patience, flexibility, commitment, consistency and hard work. Hope you like this article Beginners Guide to Making Money from Instagram, please leave your valuable feedback below.

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