Best 10+ places to celebrate new years in India

Best 10+ places to celebrate new years in India

New Year’s in India

New Year is the perfect time to get away from the chores and have fun and excitement with your family and friends. Even if it’s a short period of time, it makes sense to escape and explore some of the best places in India. The

New Year is a great opportunity to enjoy a day or two in a new place with an infectious atmosphere, especially away from familiarity with people near you.

A great way to start the new year is to travel to a great new place! India is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Choose from a variety of travel destinations to plan your perfect New Year 2022 (Saturday, January 1st). Here are some of our favorite places in India to celebrate the New Year.

Note: If you are traveling to a location in India to celebrate the New Year during the coronavirus period, make sure that you follow Covid 19 travel guidelines by state and that you have taken all safety precautions during your trip.

1. Goa

Say what you want about predictability and “finished and shattered”, Goa is still one of India’s top New Year’s Eve destinations today. As most Indians are familiar with, Goa is the busiest, but also the most colorful, in the days leading up to the New Year. This is the dream of all party governors, as every party in Goa will surely have a party that lasts until midnight on December 31st at all beaches, hotels, restaurants, resorts, streets, huts, and huts in Goa. Plan your trip now as trains, planes, and hotels are likely to fill up as New Year’s Day approaches.

Great Places to Visit: Hilltop New Year Bash, Titos Club, Cafe Mambo, 9 Bars, Bamboo Forest

2. Kasol

Goa’s party atmosphere is carefully picked up and planted in the cool mountains of the north, and this is Kasol is the place for you. Kasol is Goa in the north. All you have to do is replace the greenery and beaches with an incredible winter atmosphere of rivers and mountains. This small town in Himachal Pradesh is known to New Year’s Eve tourists for its wonderful rave parties and eclectic atmosphere, making it one of India’s top New Year’s destinations.

Great places to visit: Jim Morrison Cafe, on the banks of the Parvati River, Tosh Village, Electronic Music Festival, Parvati Shangri-La Festival

3. Puducherry

Union Territory of Pondicherry. The party has priority. Like Goa and Kasol, Pondicherry is where rave parties take place until the morning after New Year’s Eve. So you can go to a beach party and dance to spectacular EDM music all night long. But Pondicherry is more than just a neon light party destination. With a quiet ashram and a meditation center, you can have a peaceful and quiet New Year.

Great Places to Visit: Paradise Beach, Seaside Promeda, Auro Beach, Aurobindo Yoga Ashram

4. Udaipur

Head to the quaint town of Udaipur in Rajasthan to taste the royal taste of New Year’s Eve Let’s do it. This is one of the best New Year destinations in India. This city is full of magnificent palaces, hotels and resorts to make your New Year special. Of course, the city is hosting some great parties in prominent New Year’s Eve. The beautiful scenery here also allows for some of the most spectacular fireworks festivals when the clock reaches 12 o’clock.

Best Sites: City Palace, Jagmandir Palace, Lake Fatesagar

5. Mcleod Ganj

Atmospheric city, Mcleod Ganj is another great place to celebrate the New Year. Narrow streets, shopping streets, and quaint cafes can be a lot of fun. If you are a party animal, you are sure to find some great parties to attend too. Mcleod Ganj is full of temples and monks. Visit some of these temples and choose a quiet New Year celebration.

Great Places to Visit: Dal Lake, Shiva Cafe, Carpe Diem

6. Manali

Manali may be too “sightseeing”, but it’s still a great New Year’s destination. The December snowfall adds amazing beauty to this already beautiful destination. Enjoy the New Year with exciting adventure sports such as paragliding, rafting, and skiing. Manari nights are very attractive as you can walk around to buy jewelry and enjoy coffee at the cafe.

Top attractions: Mall Road, Solan Valley, Rothang Pass

7. Andaman

Untouched white beaches, blue waters, clear skies, what more do you want as the New Year approaches? India’s Andaman Islands offer breathtaking views and luxurious resorts so you can indulge in New Year’s Eve. Andaman is not the usual New Year’s destination for parties all night long, but if you want a peaceful start to the New Year, Andaman can be one of the best New Year’s destinations in India.

Great places to visit: Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neill Island

8. Gokarna

Some of India’s best New Year celebrations will be held in Gokarna, the acclaimed town of Karnataka. Gokarna is best described as a kind of Goa, but it has uninhabited beaches and more cultural scenes. On New Year’s Eve, Gokarna hosts some of the best rave parties all night long. It is popular with foreign tourists. Here you can visit some great pubs, try unique beers and unwind on the beach.

Top attractions: Homme Beach, Gokarna Beach, Paradise Beach, Mahabaleschwar Temple.

9. Jaipur

If you are not a beach person, the pink and dusty city of Jaipur is a truly unique New Year experience. Like Udaipur, a trip to Jaipur means living in a luxurious hotel, marveling at the architecture and enjoying the rich culture and cuisine of Rajasthan. Book a room at Rambagh Palace and experience the life of a king and queen. It will make you feel like royalty.

Top Attractions: Ramberg Palace, Jai Mahal, City Palace, Amarfort

10. Courgu-One of India’s most luxurious New Year’s destinations

Courg or Kodagu has gained considerable popularity as one of the districts of Karnataka I am. India’s top New Year destinations. This picturesque destination is perfect for a break if it’s a way to celebrate the New Year. If you like the finest, you can visit the tea and coffee plantations, try Kodaba cuisine and admire the beautiful green landscape.

Best Sites: Abbey Falls, Heritage Resort, Namdrolling Monastery

11. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands offers breathtaking views and beaches to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland on this New Year’s Eve. If you want to enjoy the Andaman Islands on a much smaller budget, the Lakshadweep Islands may be your best choice. There are stunning beaches, beautiful corals and a variety of resorts.

12. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is located in the middle of the Thar Desert and offers a great opportunity to welcome the New Year with a unique experience. Camp on a camel in the desert and enjoy the cool air of December. For off-track New Year destinations, consider Jaisalmer

. Great Places to Visit: Jaisalmer Fort, Bagh Temple, Folklore Museum

13. Mumbai

Who says you can’t go to a large, populated city and have a great New Year? Sure, there aren’t many relaxing areas in Mumbai, but the bustling city still has some of the best New Year celebrations in the country. Also, for those who have never been to Mumbai, on the New Year’s tour you can see all the famous landmarks and attend some DJ parties.

Best Places: Juhu Chowpati, Essel World, Gateway of India, Bandra

14. Bangalore

Another big city known for great New Year hype and parties. Crowds gather here and sing a countdown as midnight approaches. This Indian technological center is arguably one of India’s best New Year destinations. Famous for its party scene, MG Road has plenty of lounges and pubs where you can enjoy most evening parties, food and drinks.

Top attractions: MG Road, Lalbagh Garden, Bangalore Palace, Hebbal Lake

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