Best hand creams in India

Best hand creams in India

Hand creams are never in style since neither men nor women use them as a moisturizer. Instead, they use body creams and moisturizers to maintain their skin healthy. During the winter months, especially in India, your hands get excessively dry, necessitating the use of hand lotion to maintain them healthy and moisturized.

A hand cream keeps your hands hydrated and avoids skin tearing around your nails, which is especially important in the winter. Furthermore, hand creams alleviate itching caused by dryness in your hands. This post is for individuals who encounter similar challenges throughout the winter months in India, as we will explore the finest hand creams that are budget-friendly and easily available in India.

Uses of hand cream

Hand creams are often used to keep your hands hydrated. The following are the primary reasons for utilizing hand creams.

Hand creams keep your hands hydrated for a longer period of time by preventing dryness.

Hand creams protect your skin from wear and tear, especially the area around your nails.

Hand creams can also assist to rejuvenate dry skin.

Some hand creams also aid in the protection of your skin against external diseases and germs.

Best budget-friendly hand creams in India

1. Charmis hand cream

Charmis is one of the oldest hand cream brands on the market. This Charmis hand cream is loaded with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which keeps your hands hydrated while also fighting germs. Charmis is well-known not just for its wide range of hand creams, but also for its reputation in the moisturizer and lotion sector. This hand cream is really relaxing and absorbs quickly.


Skin absorbs it quickly.

Formula is non-sticky and non-greasy.

This hand lotion contains hyaluronic acid, which protects your hands from germs.

Vitamin C keeps your hands hydrated throughout the day at a low cost.

Excellent scent


Not completely devoid of chemicals

2. Wow hand cream

When it comes to finding a low-cost hand cream, this hand cream by Wow Skin Science is a terrific option. The nicest thing about Wow's cosmetic products is that they are completely free of parabens, sulfates, and chemicals. That is fantastic when it comes to selecting chemical-free cosmetics. It includes coconut oil, which keeps your hands hydrated, and tucuma butter, which aids in skin restoration.



Easily absorbed by the skin Maintains hydration throughout the day The inclusion of Vitamin E aids in the slowing of the aging process

The cream has a wonderful consistency.


A little on the pricey side

Some people may dislike the coconut aroma.

3. Vaseline hand cream

Vaseline, one of the most well-known cosmetic products, is extremely popular in India due to its high quality and efficacy. This hand cream is designed to keep your hands hydrated throughout the day while also protecting them from germs. The existence of chemicals in Vaseline products is commonly confirmed, although the package of this hand cream does not indicate the presence of parabens or sulfates.


The most trustworthy brand on our list.

Effect of long-lasting moisturization

The formula is easily absorbed and non-greasy.

Contains antibacterial properties



The box does not state whether or not it is completely chemical-free.

4. mCaffeine hand cream

mCaffeine is based on caffeinated skincare products, as the name indicates. It is a newcomer to the market, but its original concept has already taken the market by storm. This hand cream's finest feature is that it leaves a matte feel after use. Coffee's antioxidant content already makes it an excellent softening agent. This coffee hand cream is free of parabens and SLS.


Parabens, SLS, and mineral oil are not present.

Suitable for all skin types

A formulation that absorbs quickly and is non-greasy


The coffee smell mixes quite nicely.

A little on the pricey side

A brand that is not widely known

5. Glamveda hand cream

Glamveda is a relatively newcomer to the cosmetics industry, but it has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of its excellent goods. Glamveda foot and hand cream may be used on both hands and feet and focuses on hydrating and mending skin fissures. It is completely chemical-free and aids in deep moisturizing.


The fact that it is completely chemical-free is a huge plus.

All skin types are welcome.

Vegetarian at all times

Skin that is dry and dehydrated is repaired.

A fantastic Ayurvedic fragrance


Glamveda is a relatively new brand on the market.

The cream's absorption rate is sluggish.

6. Colorbar hand cream

Colorbar hand lotion is yet another new product on the market, yet it is well-liked by all consumers. Colorbar's hand cream comes in a variety of aromas ranging from fruits to florals. You will undoubtedly enjoy the aroma because it is subtle yet lasts a long time. The hand cream is designed to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day while also healing it.


Excellent fragrance


It keeps your skin hydrated for a longer period of time.


It is easily absorbed by the skin.

Not completely devoid of chemicals

Nature is wet.

7. Aroma magic hand cream

Aroma magic has been on the skincare industry for a long time and is steadily gaining popularity. The nutritious hand cream is made of aloe vera gel, shea butter, and beeswax. Aroma Magic Nourishing hand lotion, like Khadi hand cream, cares for your hands as well as your nails and works well on your cuticles. It has a non-greasy texture and aids in the hydration of your hands.


No parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals.

Product made in India

Dermatologically examined

The formula is non-greasy.

A pleasant aroma


It takes some time for the hand lotion to be absorbed by the skin after application.


So, here is a list of the top hand creams available in India for less than Rs 300. Prices may fluctuate somewhat over time. We will keep you informed. Also, don't forget to leave a remark with your favorite from the list.

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