Best MX Player Alternative Applications for Android
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Best MX Player Alternative Applications for Android

33 views • Sep 21st, 2020

MX Player is one of the most popular Indian media player apps for portable devices like your smartphone/tablet. But while searching over the Internet for some random topics what I found that a majority chunk of people is getting some kind of problems with their MX Player application.

These problems vary from device to device, one might be getting a no codec issues or even getting an error for media playback, the list simply goes on.

After the MX Player team has introduced the content streaming library of their own, nowadays it becomes a messy application so far.

Apart from anything we just need a media player to play our video contents properly, with a good quality audio output, and that's all that we require. No one needs a heavy application with a ton of random content that doesn't make any sense either.

Of course, we have the best options for content streaming as well. Then why we need another one to overload our device.

Now, let's jump to the topic.

So, if you're facing any such issues mentioned above, what you can do is; look for an alternative to the MX Player, and it's not difficult.

Today, in this article we have mentioned 5 best cool video players, you definitely need to test on your device right now.

Top 5 MX Player Alternatives for Android:

  • KM Player
  • VLC for Android
  • X Player
  • Video Player All Format
  • Video Player HD

These are some good apps and are light-weight which means any of these will occupy a very low amount of disk space and hardware resources while playing your favorite videos.

Apart from that, all the media players listed above are HD supported which means you can easily be able to play High-Definition video formats as well.

Now, it's the time to find out the most compatible app for your device, you can try one by one that suits your device the fullest with its performance.

Hope this article helps you.

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