Best places to visit in Goa, India (A complete guide)

Best places to visit in Goa, India (A complete guide)

Best places to visit in Goa

Best places to visit in Goa, one of the favorite and most popular tourist spot for most of the Indians and foreigners as well. Here’s a complete guide for you if you wish to travel Best places to visit in Goa, from tourist destinations to clubs and route to Goa. Best places to visit in Goa, India (A complete guide)

Best places to visit in Goa: NORTH GOA:

As you would have listened a lot about life in north Goa, the crowded beaches, the best nightlife, Goa trance, great food and much more things to do. If you love a busy life, having lot much to do then this is the right place for you. Some of the most astonishing and best places to visit in north Goa, which will keep you coming back again-

Anjuna Flea Market

It’s a Wednesday weekly flea market in which different kinds of people sell different products. Here, you can see a Gujarati tribal women selling T-shirts, colorful saris, bags from Rajasthan, spices from Kerala and other antique goods. Many tribal girls attracting passers-by to come and shop in their stalls. It’s a whole friendly environment there. Also, you get to see new goods, unique things from different parts of India in this market. This beachside market will surely make you fall in love with its beautiful beachside view. Best places to visit in Goa, India (A complete guide)

Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach is the most attractive tourist place in North Goa. It’s the most beautiful and popular beaches of Goa as from here, you can see a beautiful fort standing on a cliff facing towards the Aguada Beach which makes this beach worth a visit. One can, here, enjoy lots of water sports, cafes, hanging out with friends and families, shopping as there is a wide variety of things for shopping. Also, you can enjoy boating here.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is the best or perfect spot for the sight-seeing view of Anjuna beach as well as Vagator. It has its own charm, its own beauty that can’t be described well in words. The Fort has astonishing views and is a huge infrastructure which reflects the ancient time.

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is the most simple yet peaceful beaches of the state Goa. Being a small and beautiful beach, it offers the best of sight-seeing views, water sports and shopping too. The golden sand, crystal water, and those tall palm trees work as a cherry on the cake for the beach. The rocks along the beach add a touch up to this beach.

Best places to visit in Goa, SOUTH GOA:

South Goa is no less than North Goa. There are a lot more places and things to do in South Goa, which are –

Mobor Beach

Mobor beach is majorly famous for its water sports activities. It has the best of water sports and there is the number of sports for travelers out there. This beautiful beach offers Jet ski rides for enjoying fun and frolic moments. Banana road rides, Ringo rides and also up to the sky parasailing, Winch boat parasailing and Kayaking which is a major stress buster completes your trip in all ways.

Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary

Beyond going to the beaches and night partying there’s a lot more in Goa. One more fascinating place other than water sports, clubs etc is The Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one such place that not only offers fun but also an adventurous trek. It is a must visit place in Goa, one must surely visit and have fun in the sanctuary. The trek there is not so easy, it turns muddy in the way so it is not an easy one. Adventure lovers must surely visit it once. Best places to visit in Goa, India (A complete guide)

Palolem and Cola Beaches

For a luxurious ride, the Overnight Houseboat Cruise is a must visit which is available at Palolem and Cola beaches. These well-furnished, equipped with modern amenities, a fantastic cruise provides with a glimpse of some heritage sites and old churches in Goa.

Best places to visit in Goa, Best Lively Beaches of Goa:-

Here are the most famous and beautiful beaches of Goa that are amazing beyond words.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is known for its stunning nightlife, beach parties and delicious food. The atmosphere of this beach is fully enjoyable and enthusiastic with foot tapping music. It is a perfect place for enjoyment and excitement with authentic seafood and drinks. This beach is blessed with great waves that are enjoyable for having a salt bath. It is the best place to visit in Goa.

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