Bluehost Review: Honest & Unbiased Advice After 2.5+ Years of Usage
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Bluehost Review: Honest & Unbiased Advice After 2.5+ Years of Usage

23 views • Sep 07th, 2020

After using Bluehost for more than 2 years, I have a lot to tell you about. And in this honest, no BS and totally unbiased Bluehost review I am going to tell all that I’ve experienced. They are certainly one of the best hosting providers but my suggestion is that you don’t make an uninformed choice and read this review first before you merge into their waters. Every story has two sides.

Bluehost is the #1 rated web hosting provider. They are also officially recommended by Their round clock uptime and prompt customer support are what I most admire. In my opinion, how a company handles their customers after the sale has been done, matters a lot.

The reason that they’re officially recommended by ⏤ world’s best CMS, says a lot. Brad Smith from HostingFacts has tested it for 24 months and it gave a whopping 99.99% uptime. It is the top mark in the industry and Bluehost seems to fulfill it.

All in all, if you’re a blogger and looking for reliability without much technical jargon, Bluehost might be the right choice. I know it for sure because I’m continuing to use it. I made blogs, e-com site, and static websites as well.

Hope my Bluehost review will be helpful, if you got any questions – I am all ears for you. Use the comment box below.

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