Brighter Side of the Pandemic
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Brighter Side of the Pandemic

27 views • Oct 05th, 2020

Hope that we will fight through this pandemic.

The belief that we can fight for ourselves, our family, our country.

We must realize that our mind is the most powerful weapon and it is in our hands how we mould it, shape it, and train it to think it.

Whenever we encounter a problem, it depends on us to perceive it as positive or negative. The meaning we assign to a problem is what makes the problem easy/difficult.

For example, as of now… we are in front of the news channel 24×7. We are trying to keep a track of the number of people died, serious cases, recovered, and whether the city we live in is in the red zone or not.

All of the negative news makes us mentally weak, which in turn, weakens our immune system and thus, makes us prone to illness.

How did Victor survive through all those tortures?

It was primarily because of hope. He had hoped for a better tomorrow and had even bigger dreams and goals to accomplish.

Victor was a living example of if you have dreams and goals to live for, you somehow gain the strength to fight against every challenge that will come your way.

Victor made us believe that there is always a greater meaning to whatever happens in our lives. It all depends on how we perceive the situation.

For example, you step out of your house to find that the tyre of your car has a puncture. Naturally, we will think of every negative reason and outcome possible. What if we think of it in a positive way like, the tyre could have punctured in the middle of nowhere or the tyre might have blasted had you been going on in full speed. If we perceive a problem positively, it won’t be a problem anymore, it would turn into a blessing in disguise. I guess it is safe to say – jo hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai!

Likewise, we are thinking negatively about this lockdown. We tend to think of the losses we are going to face, fall of economy, loss of studies, and whatnot. We have been into negativity to an extent that we have ignored all the positive aspects of the lockdown.

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