Bulk Herbs: The facts that every reseller should know about it

Bulk Herbs: The facts that every reseller should know about it


There are various types of plantation. They can be considered as trees, plants, herbs because of their sizes. Herbs are tiny and bushy plants. It has no woody branches to support it. They are used to make perfumes, spices, medicine. In this, the herbs woody part dies and moves to the ground in the growing season. Herbs are those which can be used to add extra flavour to the cuisine. Bulk Herbs

Herbs are tiny bushes structure. It is bright in colour. It doesn’t wilt and can use for storing purpose. It can be a store in a large glass of water. Then pack it is plastic and can be stored for up to a long period in the refrigerator. Some of the woody stem herbs like thyme and rosemary can be moistened in the tissue paper and can be refrigerator for 4-6 days. The herb should get replaced every wee for the enhancement of the flavour. One tablespoon of dried herbs can be replaced with fresh herbs. The seller should know that adding herbs to the food, will not gain in fat, sodium and calories. Bulk Herbs


The herbs are grown in a very peculiar season in which they have to take care of very sensitively. In INDIA, the herbs are grown either in the fertile field or on an organic farm. In an organic farm, various or international herbs are also cultivated with special care. For example rosemary and thyme. The soil in the organic farm is very fertile due to the process of the vermicomposting process. In this process, the soil is treated with worms which make the soil better. For examples: EISENIA FETIDA. THESE worms help the soil to increase its fertility. Bulk Herbs



It is one of the strongest scented among the condiments. The smell of the basil is a mixture of liquorice and cloves. It can be used in international cuisines and Indian cuisine. From Basil, we can make pesto, pasta sauces etc. In India, it is used to make a medicinal drink. It has medicinal properties also with which it can be treated with cold and flu. The fresh basil herbs are more flavourful than dried ones. Most prominent in the Mediterranean kitchen. Generally, basil is used in the combination of tomatoes in the tomato salad and basil vinaigrette. Bulk Herbs


Cilantro which is also known as coriander has a strong aroma that can be detected as soapy. This herb can go hand to hand with spicy food or in India it is used to make chutney as a side item. It is used in various items like salsa, curries, pasta, chicken etc. It is used just before the food is going to be plated. It is the dried fruit that can be seen in a lot of Asian foods. Bulk Herbs


It is one of the strongest aromatic here along these. Known as wild marjoram because of its flavour and aroma. Dried oregano is known better than fresh oregano. It goes well with tomatoes in pizza, pasta, or any Italian dishes. It has a strong flavour which goes well with zucchini and eggplant. Bulk Herbs


It is a slightly peppery type of herb which is used in different types of dishes. It is often used to garnish the food item. It is a fresh flavoured herb. Flat parsley is more flavourful than curly shaped parsley. If there is a choice between the dried parsley and a fresh one, there will be no doubt about the person will choose the fresh one because of the aroma. The dried parsley didn’t possess that aroma in it. Bulk Herbs


It is the sweetest aroma in the herb. It acts both as a seasoning and medicinal condiment. Also, use as rosemary oil to enhance its work in the skin in the skincare routine or uses in bath time. it helps in hair growth and makes the memory sharp.


It belongs to the mint family and had a peppermint taste. It has many uses like ornamental, medicinal, and culinary. The most cultivated herb is thymus Vulgaris which is used as food items.

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