Complete Structure Of Online Islamic Study Course

Complete Structure Of Online Islamic Study Course

Religion Islam is one of the fast-growing religions. The term Islam means submission to Allah, and it is the Arabic word for Allah. Islam drives Muslims to try to live a life that is in complete submission to Allah. Islam was built by Prophet Muhammad (AD 570-632) in Mecca. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad got a message from the angel Gabriel and was told to write down the words of Allah. These words are preserved in the form of the Quran (last Holy Book). Many Muslims read the Quran in Arabic daily. Muslims offer prayers and recite the Quran to try to live a pure life. Even if Muslims do not understand the Arabic language, they still repeat the Quran in Arabic because it is seen as the language of Allah.

Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity. The Muslims try to clear up errors about their faith as Islam continues to spread quickly. Today Scholars predict that Islam will exceed Christianity as the most prominent religion by the end of the century.

Learn Islam Online At IQuranschool

The Islamic Studies program includes a wide range of essential subjects for every Muslim to live a life according to Islam. It Includes Aqidah, Fiqh, Tajweed, Hadith, Tafseer and Islamic History. Each topic is classified into several online Islamic classes that go from basic principles to advanced knowledge.

Complete Structure Of Online Islamic Study Course

The Holy Quran

The Quran has viewed as the most valuable book among Muslims. It contains information that is also found in the Bible and visions that were given to earlier Prophets. The Quran is regarded as the sacred words of Allah. I Quran School designed a variety of Quran courses for kids and adults. It includes Noorani Qaida, Quran Memorization, Quran Recitation, Quran with tajweed Tajweed, and Tafseer. The Quran recitation course is divided into eight levels to study the Arabic letters and their phonetics.

IQuranschool tutors try to teach the features of every note and their junction points and enable students to read the Quran without mistakes. We also introduce the Quran with Tajweed rules course for our students over the globe. These courses enhance the students’ confidence with precision in pronouncing every letter to correct even the amount of breath released with every word.


Hadith is also called as-Sunnah (the right path). Pre Islamic Arabs used it to mean their tribal or common law. In Islam, it came to represent the example of our last Holy Prophet. The Prophet’s words and deeds as noted in collections known as Hadith. It provides us with the written evidence of the Prophet’s words and deeds. Hadith collections composed in the 3rd century AH, approved by the Sunnis (the largest group in Islam). The Hadith serves as a source of divine guidance that Allah granted his Prophet, similar to the Quran itself.

Thus, IQuranschool Academy is trying to increase the knowledge of Islam through Quran and Hadith all over the globe. And our online Quran tutors offers you to learn Islam from the comfort of your homes. I Quran School bring a quality of courses for Muslims to understand Islamic studies.

Aqidah In Islamic Study

This lesson is designed to understand the importance of faith. We provide a course name Islamic course that also focuses on Muslims Aqidah and the study of advanced topics.


 This lesson is designed to develop a vast understanding of the various points of Islamic law. It defines rules of Allah that concern actions,

  • what is required (Wajib),
  • sinful (haraam),
  • recommended (mandu),
  • disapproved (makruh)
  • or neutral (mubah)
Islamic History

The Islamic History lessons cover the entire history of Islam. This syllabus is composed to reveal identity and dignity in Islamic History and admits the achievements of Muslims across the eras. This course also covers the:

  • Period of Khilafat-e-Rashida
  • Period of Umayyads
  • Period of Abbasids

Objectives Of Islamic Study Courses

These Courses Goals Are: 

  1. To give Basic information about Islam
  2. To improve the student’s life regarding as Islamic Civilization
  3. To better Students to perform their prayers and other worships
  4. To expand the students understanding of issues related to faith and religious life

Why Take Islam Classes Online From IQuranschool?

IQuranschool always ready to spread the light of the Quran all over the globe. Many students have studied at our online Quran Academy. We provide our best services with the help of our qualified tutors. Here are few reasons to choose us for learning the Quran and Islam: 

  1. Quran Learning from Home
  2. Affordable fee structure
  3. Certified Quran Tutors
  4. Flexible timing of classes
  5. One to one live session
  6. Free trial classes

We always try to satisfy our students with our Quran and Islamic studies online classes. We provide our students with the best tutors. Further, many students have completed the Quran and Islamic studies courses. So, we always feel proud to say that our students belong to different region and social backgrounds.

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