Complete Synonyms on Blog Writing: Follow the Steps and Build own website
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Complete Synonyms on Blog Writing: Follow the Steps and Build own website

26 views • Oct 05th, 2020

Hello, I write blog related to digital marketing, Operating System, Technology and so on. So I write blogs two to three blogs a week.

Now I giving you my experience with all the CMS platforms which I have tried and tested with 2 to 3 years of being in this online world.

Starting the blog:

For beginners summarising the steps which one can follow to become a blogger.
CMS platform meaning:

The Content Management System platform will let you create your website without understanding any code (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages).
Step 1: Hosting and CMS Platform

Hosting service plays a key role in any website. Do not stick to cheap hosting keywords, preferably go ahead with fast web hosting services because a website is seen by users whenever the pace is good and secondly, if you have fast speed the bounce rate will start to decline which would improve the rank of your website.

For instance, if you select a hosting service, then people are in a the dilemma which content management system (CMS) platform to choose. Some hosting service grants optimised WordPress, which would be a costly the affair, but the speed would be at its peak (Click here – Have stated the best and most essential plugins after the installation process is over). Many hosting services provide a-numbers of CMS, this would create confusion and according to me for blogging, suggesting you some platforms such as b2evolution, Drupal, Joomla, PHP-Fusion and WordPress.

For starters, you can try this before jumping to another CMS platform. In this platform, content gets hosted on blogger’s server. You can buy a domain ( after that your domain will get connected to ( Once when you get the knowhow of the post and page writing, you can jump to these CMS platforms by buying a hosting service.

Click here to download free themes zipped for blogger. Read more at Techfeeddata