Constant Contact Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Constant Contact Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Constant Contact Review

In the field of email marketing the Constant Contact has marked its foot since 1995. At the initial stage they became the most used email tool across the whole world. It boasted around 6,50,000 customers in total. They special provide with many such features which no other competitor have ever provided which makes them unique and out of box, for example social campaigns and surveys. They are just an add on in the main feature, where main feature includes a long list of email options along with recurring newsletter and automations. They have also offered a built-in event management tool in the past. But now this is not what it is, now all the new users are notified to integrate with Eventbrite. Constant Contact provides with more than 400 apps along with integration catering for almost all the niche products. Despite of providing these features and flashy numbers the popularity of Constant Contact is decreasing day by day, according to a survey conducted by Google Trends. Read below detailed Constant Contact Review.

Features of Constant Contact

1. Spam and design testing : 2/5 , Constant Contact does not provide you with any spam testing features rather they provide you with certain feature so that you find the error in the email. It also provides you with certain tools so that you can see preview your email, but this feature does not work properly. They give you an option to buy litmus to see the inbox preview, as an add on service by charging you dollar 10 per month for 5 tests.

2. Bounce management : yes , the soft bounces can hold upto 15 days temporarily and if there is a repetition they are then taken into suspended bounce category. They also provide you with the filter of ‘recommended for removal’ but they’re not supposed to remove them automatically.

3. Blacklist : yes , you are provided with import and export function but that is not that easy you first of all have to enable the advance permissions of email under the account setting.

• Pro features :

1. Authentication : yes , support DKIM and SPF

2. Own Domain : no

3. Different levels of account access : yes , the account owner assigns roles to account manager or a campaign creator.

4. Integration : yes , Constant Contact offers over 400+ apps and integrations.

5. Landing page editor : yes , this feature is only available in the event management tool.

• Support : 3.5/5 , you are provided with various ways to connect to their customer support service i.e. via phone calls, live chats, community based support along with the knowledge base. But you may get some difficulty in contacting them through the live chats and phone calls as they are not always available. Their live chat support staff are responsive and very useful.

• Overall Rating: 3.6/5 , the Constant Contact provides you with all the basic features the only drawback is that they charge you the premium price for the sub premium products.

Constant Contact Pricing | Constant Contact Review

• $ 20 per month : 500 subscribers

• $ 45 per month : 2500 subscribers

• $ 65 per month : 5000 subscribers

• $ 95 per month : 10000 subscribers

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact


• Niche features : The Constant Contact provides you with various interesting features for example event management , which comes very handy for the specific businesses.

• High deliverability rates : They guaranteed provide you with high deliverability rates among all their tools. They have being performing well consistently.


• Price performance ratio very poor : The cost they charge you for their newsletter is very high when compared to what features they offer along with what other tool charges.

• Limited automation : They only offer you with basic automations on the other hand other providers offer you with sophisticated and flexible workflows.

Recommended if

• You run events : Constant Contact is an unique email marketing tool when it is regarding this which allows one to easily manage tickets, registration and invitations ( when you have opted for Email Plus Plan ). One should keep in mind that if any new user is trying to manage events using Constant Contact, Constant Contact will prompt for integrating with Eventbrite, which was not like this before. Constant Contact Review.

Not Recommended if

• You need advanced automation : The Constant Contact does not offers you with any advanced automations. While they offer autoresponder, abandoned cart campaigns and triggered campaigns for only shopify. Other cheaper tools such as Sendinblue and MailerLite offer similar automation level.

Rating Details | Constant Contact Review

• Ease of use : 4/5 , Constant Contact is a bit dull looking but easy to navigate. They do not provide you with many options therefore you can easily find out your needs in just few clicks. There are some sections which takes a bit time to load which slows down the experience

• Newsletter creation :

1. Editor : 3.5/5 , the editor of Constant Contact is fast but do not provide you with lot of features especially from the department of design. They are quite easy to work.

2. Personalisation : yes , the personalisation feature is very basic you are only allowed to insert contact details or simple greeting. You do not get any if/then/else logic.

3. Email type : 4.5/5 , autoresponder, classic, recurring newsletter, basic automation, A/B testing, coupons, surveys, polls and registration.

• Choice and flexibility of template designs : 4/5 , there are approx. 100 templates you can choose from which provide you with various degree of qualities ( among them some are of decent quality, some are the basic ones, and the rest of them are out dated ). They also provide you with the option of starting from scratch and using some handy features know as ‘Brand your email’ for generating templates which are based on the website’s logo and colour.

• Email Automations : 2.5/5 , The Constant Contact offers abandoned cart campaign and autoresponder for WooCommerce and Shopify. Based on what the customers interaction is with your online store, they also helps in generating predefined contact segments, for example potential customers, repeat and lapsed. They have also introduce recently automations which are based on contact triggers, for example clicks, email opens. You must note it down that automations are not that flexible, you will have some difficulty in combining conditions and actions.

• List Management : 4.5/5 , Constant Contact provides you with the list management / segmentation, but these tools are very basic. You can do it with just simple contact search option using behavioural data or contact field value ( for example clicks, opens ). Once your results are out you can either add them to the list or you can export them following with sending them email campaigns ( although you will not be able to add them to the automations ). You can manually tag contacts or you can tag contacts based on contact field criteria.

• Registration form / opt in and opt out process : 2/5 , you are not provided with any customization with the form. You are simply offered with a description box, list or lists, basic field option ( which you are not allowed to add ). You are only limited with 200 sign ups per day in the Embedded forms.

• Deliverability : 4/5 , the Constant Contact performs well in the deliverability test, it reaches out to the most popular email providers for example AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and the Outlook .

• Reports and Analysis : 3.5/5 , Constant Contact has already expanded their reporting. They provide you with standard open and click reports, bounce, unsubscribe rate and spam . Along with this you are also provided with click heat map, and other useful reports for example opens by device, subject lines and click trends. You get an option to compare campaigns. But you do not get an advance tracking for example the ecommerce tracking. Constant Contact Review.

• Languages : 3.5/5 , the language provided in the website are basically two languages Spanish and English. But the tools provided to you comes in only one language i.e. English. You get an option to change the section of non edible email ( for example the privacy policy text and the footer text ) into 10 languages which are available on it. The support and the knowledge base are available in basically 4 languages.

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