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creative product photography

creative product photography

As a photographer looking to connect with lots of ideal clients on social media - what sort of post should you be creating?

Let's dive into the four types of post you should be using to create the perfect presence on any social platform.

True success on social media comes from your audience feeling:

a) a connection to you as a person

b) engaged with your content because it's relatable and interesting to them

c) trust in you as an authority in your field

d) compelled to buy from you

That's the four types of post you need regardless of which social media platform is your favourite.

1. Connection Posts

2. Engagement Posts

3. Authority Posts

4. Promotion Posts

Think of these four types of posts as the CEAP rule because following it will help you to KEEP and grow your audience!

I'm going to need some examples to bring the CEAP rule to life.

A photographer who mixes up her social media with the PERFECT mix of connection, engagement, authority and promotion posts is the amazing Joelle Elizabeth - a boudoir photographer and mentor in Chigaco.

I'm going to show you examples from Jo's Instagram feed because that's clearly where she's chosen to go 'all in'.

However, the CEAP rule applies to any social media platform - including LinkedIn.

Yes, of course each platform has its own nuances, but connecting with your audience, engaging your audience, being seen as an authority and promoting your business are vital on them all.

And, before I start, lots of posts don't fall neatly into one category of connection, engagement, authority or promotion. Many straddle two or even three.

Let's start with your Connection posts!

A connection post should help your audience to get to know, like and relate to you moret?

When there are LOTS of amazing photographers available to hire, nothing matters more than how connected a potential client feels towards you.

Don't underestimate the power of that person realising that you share the same ridiculous sense of humour or passionate values.

This is the kind of thing that makes someone save up to work with you and no one else. They want to hang out with you as well as get their photographs taken by you!

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