Decorate Your Home With A Navajo Rug, Learn How?

Decorate Your Home With A Navajo Rug, Learn How?

With the help of top designers, one can recognize the elegant beauty of Navajo weavings. And these are quick and easy ways to bring a new look into your home that you find is warm, cozy, and tranquil. Authentic Navajo Rugs and blankets are handmade with quality wool to last for decades. Thus, it is important to find a reputable gallery and dealer, and many Navajo rugs will work with any home-decorating style like artisans and others. 

In this article, we have defined five best ways to use Navajo rugs in your home and add a geometric design, splash of color, and a rich warmth to any room:

1: Hang them on Wall

One of the best ways to decorate a home with a Navajo rug is to hang it. And especially if you have a home with large walls, stunning designs, and intricate patterns, both work beautifully and will make a statement in any room while softening the mood and acoustics within your home. 

2: Use a Floor Rug

Traditional Navajo rugs are tightly woven and extremely durable to use on the floor. For family rooms to formal areas, these rugs pair beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone flooring. Choosing bright colors over time adds a rich and unique depth. Some Navajo rugs are well over and can be used for years. Also, it graces the floors of many homes, and if cared for properly, they could last for another 100 years. 

3: Display on a Table

One can add a pop of color to a room by displaying a Navajo rug on a tabletop, bench, or even a pool table. Sometimes even small spaces can transform with a traditional Navajo weaving that creates a talking point for the guests. 

4: Hangover a chair

You need to bring warmth to a room by simply adding a beautiful Navajo blanket displayed over the back of a chair or couch. Natural and stunning colors look amazing with luxurious leather couches, and you can even layer them to add coziness to any room that doubles your lap blanket. One can also purchase a Navajo rug dress and see a huge difference in your look. 

So, decorating with Navajo rugs is limited by your creativity and square footage. One can use these rugs as floor coverings, and they are also lovely when placed on the wall or even draped on a couch or used as a table runner. These work well in your homes and have more traditional styles. It works equally well in modern, clean-lined homes and offers a pop of color and pattern. 

5: Make use of Bedspread

Bold, geometric designs can add masculinity to a bedroom when placed at the end of a bed. Both Antique and contemporary Navajo rugs add spirit and dimension to any room in your home. So, if you are starting with brand new construction, before you pick the first swatch or the first sample of paint, the best way to start your decorating is to purchase the Navajo Rugs for sale and give a different look to your home decor. 

Walls might be painted several times, and the furniture can get changed or recovered. Thus, they will have the longevity of the Navajo woven art. During these days, Navajo weavings demand the value they represent today and in the future. Also, they sell at increasing values in auctions around the country and assure you that your Navajo weaving will always be here and have value, both monetary and aesthetic. 

When speaking for an antique Navajo rug, you need to educate yourself by speaking with knowledgeable rug dealers and reviewing the tips below:

1: Educate Yourself

When you shop for an antique Navajo rug, you need to educate yourself by speaking with the best rug dealers and traders for a more confident purchase. You must visit with the best knowledgeable staff and see the amazing collection of antique and new Navajo weavings. 

2: Asses Rug fully

Navajo rugs may be authentic but don't show quality and craftsmanship. One needs to examine every corner and both sides for defects, including parallel edges and square corners. 

3: Check warp

Navajo Rugs are made of a continuous loom that contains vertically wrapped threads. One can check visually by running their hand along the side of the Rug to feel whether the warped threads run the length of the Rug or whether they have been cut. 

4: Look for Lazy lines

Lazy lines appear as a diagonal line in the weave of the fabric, and during the weaving process, the rug maker would move to work on adjacent sections of the warp. Thus, it results in subtle diagonal lines and is referred to as Lazy lines. All these lines would be almost impossible to detect by just looking at a paragraph of the Rug online. 

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