Difference between Linux and Unix.

Difference between Linux and Unix.

In this article, today I will tell you Difference between Linux and Unix.

Difference between Linux and Unix. 

There are many operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu etc. But today I will learn about Linux and Unix and the difference between Linux and Unix. 

They have many similarities because Linux is the clone of Unix. Unix was ​​a copyrighted name that is used by some companies like IBM, AIX, HP-UX and Sun Solaries etc. 

Apart from this, many more differences will be found in Unix and Linux which will be in the table given below. So let’s go through the articles.

What is Unix?

UNIX is a computer operating system that was created in the 1960s and has been constantly updated since them. The applications that make the computer work are referred to as the operating system. It’s a multi-user, multi-tasking system that works on servers, PCs, and laptops.

There are some points of Unix –

  1. Unix is recognized as the most powerful and resilient operating system ever created. Linux follows the Unix fundamental structure, making it a fairly dependable operating system.
  2. It is a Multiprocessing, Multiuser Operating System.
  3. It is a Master Control Application that runs on Workstations and Servers.
  4. All of today’s major computer and mobile operating systems are based on UNIX, with the exception of Windows NT. Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Orbis OS are all UNIX-based operating systems.

There are Three Types of Unix :

  1. 1. Kernel 
  2. 2. Shell
  3. 3. Program 

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#1. Kernel :

  • The kernel is the central processing unit of the UNIX Operating System
  • It allots the program’s time and memory. In addition, it response to system calls, it totally manages the file storage and transmission.
  • The kernel is the operating system’s primary programs. He is not only has entire control over the system, but he also has total access to it.

#2. Shell :

  • Shell is a command-line interpreter.

#3. Program :

  • Every Unix system administrator should have knowledge of shell programming. That is, the system administrator must be able to read and write shell programs.

What is Linux?

The operating system began in 1991Linux Torvalds developed the free operating system Kernel as a personal project. Since then, the Linux Kernel has continued to evolve.

  1. It is a free and open source Operating System that runs on desktops and laptops.
  2. Linux is a multi-user Operating System, which means that it allows several users to access memory, RAM, applications, and other resources at the same time.
  3. Linux is an operating system that supports multiple programming languages. That is, it can run numerous programs at the same time.

Difference between Linux and Unix. 

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