Differences in Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Differences in Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

VDI Solutions for Virtual Desktops and Applications

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a desktop virtualization technology that helps you maintain business continuity, ensure security, and enhance productivity. The reason why companies are adopting VDI solutions is their feasibility and operational efficiency.

Did you know that the global market for desktop virtualization has already reached USD 10 billion today?

Know more about VDI solutions in the following sections.

What Are VDI Solutions?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a desktop virtualization technology that allows creating virtual machines (thin clients) on a centralized server. With the help of this base technology, many other VDI solutions are born.

One of the leading VDI solutions is Desktop as a Service, which is VDI on the cloud. The entire architecture is shifted to cloud servers that offer internet-based access.

On cloud VDI solutions, we can use two types of deployments:

Persistent thin clients help you create a unique desktop image for a dedicated employee or team. This desktop image is used as a normal personal desktop, which means it can be customized and changes can be saved.

Non-persistent thin clients are generated at random when the need arises. If not, then these VDIs are rolled to their original state once logged out. These are used for low-intensity and repetitive tasks.

VDI Solutions for Desktop Virtualization

VDI solutions help you receive desktop and application virtualization. In this section, we will explore how that is beneficial:

Value-Generating Technology Partnership

VDI solutions on the cloud help you create a valuable partnership with the cloud provider, which is driven by services offered by the provider. The provider helps you deploy your desktops and applications to the cloud server, and then they offer internet-based access to desktops and applications and Windows Virtual Desktop

While the process flow seems simple, there’s a lot that goes behind the infrastructure:

Your business server or instance is isolated on the cloud, so that only you can store and view data.

Virtual machines are deployed on the server depending on your usage and requirements. This involves creating different types of thin clients.

The provider regularly monitors and upgrades your desktops whenever there’s a requirement. 

The backend IT is regularly monitored, replaced, upgraded, and improved.

Experience and Skills

Creating, managing, and improving VDI solutions require subject matter expertise, advanced skills, and experience. The right cloud provider is able to source these IT experts and employ the right technology for high-performance cloud services.

While it is possible for the business to set up VDI in-house, it is much easier to take help from this valuable partnership. You only need to focus on your core activities and the provider’s team manages your virtual desktops and applications.

VDI Solutions for Every Company

Experts believe that VDI solutions benefit small and medium enterprises more. However, providers design VDI solutions on the cloud for every type of company. Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise-level business, you can utilize the features and benefits of the cloud for better productivity, seamless working, and high uptime.

There’s no distinction of how this technology becomes beneficial for one category of organization. The features of scalability, remote accessibility, high-performance, security, etc. are valuable to every company. Therefore, every company that is willing to improve its infrastructure and reduce IT hassles can use VDI solutions.

Breakthrough Technology in Industries

VDI has truly helped us offer breakthrough solutions in different industries. For example, healthcare benefits by offering remote patient care facilities to doctors, accounting services benefit by allowing remote work to employees, and IT businesses benefit by using a high-performance environment.

We can achieve value-generating, highly productive outcomes in several industries with the help of revolutionizing VDI solutions.

High-Performance Workplace

VDI solutions offer business mobility to every type of business. During the pandemic, we have realized how remote accessibility is a part of our contingency plan. Therefore, using high-performance servers for remote working allows us to improve data access, workplace productivity, and operational efficiency.

Traditionally, performance and security were two major bottlenecks in remote working. With cloud VDI solutions, we can improve and reduce performance in a secure way depending on our needs. The provider additionally takes several security measures, like encryption and multi-factor authentication. These factors improve our feasibility and help us operate remotely.

Other Benefits of Cloud VDI Solutions

Multi-device access, including smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

Multi-user access, involving one file accessed by multiple users at one time.

Advanced security, including multi-factor authentication, encryption, access control, DDoS protection, IDS and IPS systems.

Seamless scaling and descaling of resources and performance.

24/7 IT support for seamless query resolutions.


VDI solutions on the cloud transform your business, assist you to operate in a highly functional and driven environment.

Understand how VDI solutions can help your workplace, take a free trial from the right vendor, and deploy thin clients for high productivity, scalability, and data security.  

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