Donald Trump Inauguration Ceremony

Donald Trump Inauguration Ceremony

Donald trump inauguration ceremony

Donald John Trump is Americas 45th president. Before participating in the 2016-17 elections he was a successful businessman, and television personality. He preceded by Barack Obama 44th president.

Donald Trump assumed his office on January20, 2017 with an inauguration ceremony which was witnessed by 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 people.

The inauguration ceremony was the 58th presidential inauguration which included the oath taking, parade, army ball, and interfaith inaugural service.

Pre-inaugural events:

Before the inauguration started in the morning trump , the first lady , his wife Melania Trump, the to be vice president Mike Pence and wife Karen attended the church service which has been a tradition for all the presidential inaugurations.

After the service got over the president and the first lady went to the White House to have a meeting with the president Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle. There were exchange of gifts, photos and refreshments. After which everyone proceeded to the capitol for the ceremony.

Inauguration ceremony

 The president went on to deliver his inaugural speech which was pretty short around 16 minutes. Which has been called one of the shortest, dark and defiant speeches of all presidential speeches.

After which a few religious benedictions took place. After the inauguration was over, the president had his signing ceremony where he signed his first official documents as the president.

After the signing ceremony all the officials met for a luncheon which is a typical tradition for the president’s inaugural day where the president is introduced to all the officials and lawmakers.

The president then attended the parade which lasted 2 hours with 8,000 participants. After the long parade everyone proceeded to attend the inaugural ball. There were 3 military ball ceremonies. The president and the first lady on January 21, 2017 gathered the celebration of national prayer day at the Washington national cathedral.


Opposition by the people:

While trump celebrated there were reports of anti protestors vandalizing public and government properties with extreme violence. With 234 people arrested. The protestors threw rocks, lit government cars on fire while the police pushed back the angry mob with the use of sticks, bricks, fire and rocks.

Some protesters were successful in entering the rally. During the ceremony addressing speech one protestor stood up screaming “ free America” while wearing a black t-shirt saying R-E-S-I-S-T. Another woman shouted “America for all, save America” who were later taken away by the security.

67 democratic representatives denied attending the presidential inaugural ceremony.

Points observed:

  • The first ladies of USA dint have much role in trumps election campaigns.
  • Reports of vandalism during the inaugural ceremony
  • Gathering was way less than at Obama’s inaugural ceremony.

Obama had 1,800,000 people while trump with 600,000.


Policies introduced:

  • Enhancing public safety in the interior of Us
  • Border security and immigration Enforcement improvements
  • Reversing of Obama care policy
  • Protection of USA from entry of foreign national terrorist
  • Ethics commitment
  • Reducing regulations and controlling regulatory costs
  • Task force on crime reduction
  • Policies preventing violence against federal state
  • Promoting economic growth
  • Buy American hire American
  • Improving whistleblowers protection
  • Promoting free speech and religious liberty
  • Transgender in military


Present status

In 2020 Donald trump is busy with the election campaigns for 2020 elections. The 59th presidential elections are announced to be on November 3.

He also announced the fiscal 2021 budget which has been called a fantasyland budget by the public.


Donald trump 45th president of United States assumed his office on January 20, 2017 on the same day he had various ceremonies to attend main being the inaugural ceremony. Before the ceremony he attended a religious ceremony, white house meeting after which he attended the ceremony along with the first lady, Melania Trump. Some post ceremonies like religious benedictions, parade and military balls were also attended.

Simultaneously a wide protest of anti-supporters was taking place in the country while trumps inauguration. Since 2017 he has implemented many amendments and introduced many polices which angered a large section of US and some changes in immigration policy angered the whole world. Currently he is preparing for his 2020 elections and has started with his campaigns and sees himself as the president for 4 more years to serve the nation or as his campaign slogans says “Let’s make America Great again”.

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