Exodus Wallet: Review

Exodus Wallet: Review

Why was the Exodus created?

Many software portfolios are available. Some of the competitors are Jaxx, Green Address, and Bread Wallet. So why would the Exodus team want to make another one?

The designers who

designed Exodus wanted to have a user-friendly wallet that could do everything a basic cryptocurrency user could want. This, they hope, will make the crypto experience easier for people unfamiliar with the technology.

If these newbies have had a pleasant experience with cryptocurrencies, they are likely to recommend it to their friends. This is how widespread adoption is also evident from reading user Exodus wallet reviews!

User interface and ease of use

Exodus is a cross-platform application available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Since no registration is required, you can simply download and install the app to get started.

Please note, however, that while the developers claim that they are taking every measure to ensure that the application is secure, it does not offer two-factor authentication support and is only based on a password.

Also, unlike some of the other wallets, Exodus does not implement a comparatively new authentication mechanism which is known as a multi-signature address. That address requests permissions from multiple devices before initiating transfers.

Transfer money

By default, an empty Exodus wallet is not locked. However, the backup process starts automatically as soon as you have made a deposit to the wallet.

To receive cryptocurrencies, go to the Wallet tab and then first select the cryptocurrency you want to receive. You can also see a price table of the selected crypto on this page if you are interested; otherwise, just click and copy the receiving address from your wallet. You can also email this address and even take a screenshot of the QR code that the sender can scan from their device.

Best Features

While security will always be the most important element of any cryptocurrency wallet, it should be mentioned that Exodus’ killer app is its beautiful software. The software displays your cryptocurrency holdings in an exemplary way and the well-thought-out user interface makes browsing child’s play. A good user interface can save you from costly crypto errors, so don’t underestimate the benefits of good software.

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