Factors to Consider While Picking a Solar Battery Priced Affordably

Factors to Consider While Picking a Solar Battery Priced Affordably

If you are planning to harness the sun’s unlimited and clean energy, to run your home or office appliances, choosing the right solar battery at a good price is crucial. For that, you first need to know that a solar battery stores the electricity generated by solar panels, so that it can be used at a time when the solar system isn’t generating any electricity. And too many options can make it daunting to pick the right battery. Moreover, the solar battery price primarily depends on the specifications of the device, especially the battery capacity and power ratings. Hence, take a look at the different factors that must be considered while selecting a solar battery priced affordably. 

1. Depth of Discharge

A solar battery’s depth of discharge is essentially the amount of capacity that has been used from the battery. A lot of companies mention the depth of discharge for evaluating battery performance. If the battery has a high depth of discharge, it implies that it can utilize more of your battery’s capacity. 

2. Round Trip Efficiency

This is another important factor that affects the solar battery price. It means the amount of energy that your battery can use is expressed as a percentage of the total battery stored. 

For instance, if your battery has a capacity of 20 kilowatts of electricity and is using only 18 kilowatts, it means that your solar battery has a round-trip efficiency rate of 90%. A battery with high round trip efficiency denotes a much better economic value. 

3. Solar Battery Manufacturer

In the recent past, many companies have started manufacturing batteries for various solar products. From tech startups to automotive companies, they are all trying to come up with innovative solar battery solutions. 

It is important to understand that most of these companies do not have the revolutionary technology needed to manufacture the best-quality solar batteries. Even if they can produce a high-performing, all-new technology battery, its long-term functionalities still have no track record. So, choose a reputed manufacturer who has been in the industry for a substantial amount of time. Such manufacturers may have a slightly high solar battery price but they will be much more affordable in the long-run. 

4. Capacity & Power

Capacity refers to the total amount of electricity that a solar battery can store. This is often measured in kilowatt-hours. The higher the capacity, the bigger is your battery. However, the capacity amount cannot tell you how much electricity a battery can offer at any given time. This is determined by the battery’s power rating. 

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To understand this in detail, a battery with a low capacity but a high power-rating can easily run your entire home, but only for limited hours. Alternatively, a solar battery with a high capacity and low power rating will offer a steady flow of electricity for a long time. 

Nowadays, a lot of people are switching to renewable sources of energy to generate power for their homes. Thus, investing in the best solar batteries has become a must. Keeping the aforementioned points in mind will help you select the best solar battery priced affordably. 

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