Finance Transformation with S/4HANA: Convista Consulting Asia

Finance Transformation with S/4HANA: Convista Consulting Asia

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Finance Transformation with S/4HANA

Whoever says Finance Transformation should likewise say S/4HANA. Presently the inquiry is no longer whether to relocate - except for when. In the monetary area, this saves a great deal of manual information planning and constant compromise.

Current monetary cycles and structures are creating an ever-increasing number of issues for CFOs: they can presently not meet the expanded necessities as far as time and level of detail. Assuming expense and streamlining objectives are to be accomplished, there is no way to avoid change projects.

Three fields of activity: Processes, monetary engineering and programming scene

To begin such a change, there are three fields of activity. Monetary divisions can foster an objective vision for the future monetary design as well as to reevaluate their cycles, and IT is all around encouraged to improve its current SAP scenes.

S/4HANA as a means to an end - and for better results

We see S/4HANA as a strategic development in the age of digitalization, which can improve existing applications.

What can be improved with S/4HANA?

Up to now, the monetary area has had a high responsibility because of manual information arrangement, persistent compromise and manual connection points between capacities. Monetary bookkeeping, revealing, arranging and controlling are isolated.

Work is centred around information planning and reportage, leaving representatives with restricted time for information investigation and counselling.

Finance Transformation with S/4HANA

Following the converging of the informational collections of Finance and Controlling in S/4HANA, constant preparation and detailing can be completed straightforwardly on an employable uniform informational index. Processes are incorporated and fit. Investigation and functional work consolidate.

The nature of the information builds, there are job explicit dashboards. The centre movements to information investigation and counselling. Dangers can be addressed proactively and the superior convenience prompts expanded representative fulfilment.

More opportunity for what is truly significant: How to make the Finance Transformation

It is presently not whether or not you relocate to S/4HANA - exactly when! We offer you different ways of managing the subject of S/4HANA and Finance Transformation.

Revelation Workshop: Workshop in which we present the centre advancements and added worth of S/4HANA and work out your most significant fields of activity along with you

S/4HANA Readiness Check: Are you prepared for S/4HANA? We check your framework expertly and in fact

Fundamental review S/4HANA and Finance Roadmap: We examine your cycles and plan the means important to change over to S/4HANA

Presentation of S/4HANA: From master exhortation and relocation to fundamental help: We convert your current framework scene to S/4HANA - either bit by bit or profoundly

We support and instruct you in the change with respect to your monetary tasks

We support you deliberately from the starter study to the execution of S/4HANA

We prompt you on the variation and improvement of SAP centre cycles in outer and interior bookkeeping, operations and other centre cycles

We will work with you to make a redid guide for the future SAP design under S/4HANA

Impact of S4Hana Finance on Chief Financial Officers

Globally, Chief Financial Officers & their team are facing new challenges & opportunities in today's digital landscape that are pushing the world forward. SAP S4Hana Finance's broad portfolio of new technologies & innovations provides responsive decision-making tools for CFOs. Chief Financial Officer thus has more power to show the management board what to achieve through S4Hana Finance.

CFOs know that they can respond impromptu to the board's questions with the power of SAP S4Hana Finance. Now, the CFOs can just tap for details & input from the live business. Usually, the board fires off the questions at board meetings after the CFO delivered the company reports. Such questions could be linked to newly acquired subsidiaries, or how figures will look if the company & subsidiary merges existing operations that conduct similar activities.

SAP S4Hana for central finance gives CFOs instant access to all data and processes of the business. Not only can CFOs include the outcomes of the newly acquired business, but CFOs can also model the efficient integration of identical operations & product hierarchies within the new organization. CFO's join key drivers in their simulation model with new business planning, forecasting & restructuring capabilities and get instant combined results.

The board may also explore the potential opportunities for another takeover. Board members may have settled on the purchase price already, but they need to figure out what will be the impact of global cash flows & financial position.

The CFO's can pull real-time cash & liquidity data provided by a live view of all business systems. With the analytics in SAP S4Hana finance accounting & cash management areas, they can advise the board confidently if the venture would be profitable. When looking at a live business with SAP digital boardroom across the entire company, CFOs are doing more than just crunching figures. They give the board a preview of the future in one immersive way, what the business could look like after a merger or with an investment.

With SAP S4Hana finance, CFOs & their team are in a position to predict potential market growth in addition to current operations. To learn more contact us at

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