(Free Guide) How To Build A Blog With Engaged Readers

(Free Guide) How To Build A Blog With Engaged Readers

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,
If I could show you the simple, step-by-step formula to build a fantastic, authority-building blog, packed with amazing content...

...even if you're a newbie, starting out with NO clue, would you sit up and pay attention?

Well keep reading, because I'm about to expose the exact strategies used by the 'Gurus' to kickstart an online blog (in ANY niche) and flood it with thousands of fans and followers.
Here's the secret:

A Blog Is One Of The Most Essential (But Undervalued)
Parts Of YOUR Online Business Infrastructure!

When it comes to building an online business, you probably know that you NEED to create a blog... but you're probably struggling to figure out how.
In fact, it seems SO daunting and scary that most marketers simply run away from the idea - and avoid doing it altogether.
But, let me tell you, that having a blog is one of the most important assets that YOU can have, in order to turn your online efforts into a REAL, sustainable and scalable business.
Your blog should really be the "central HQ"in your business, with everything else sitting around it.
Without it, you have NOTHING to hold your business together, driving you forward. You just have a bunch of products randomly 'floating' out there on the Internet.

But Blogging Just SOUNDS Like A Pain In The Ass, Right?

I mean, I hear a TON of objections about blogging, every single day.
Things like:
How do you set up a blog? It sounds technical!
I don't know what blogging platform to use!
No one is going to care what I have to say!
I just want to get to the "making money" part. Blogging will slow me down.
Where do you get the content from?
Meh, I'll struggle to drive traffic to the blog!
Blogging is SO oudated!
Sound familiar?
Well, not too long ago, I was saying those exact same things.
Truth be told, I was struggling with the whole blogging concept. I tried EVERYTHING for years and got nowhere.
I felt trapped.
I was struggling and it was extremely frustrating because I had no idea how to move forward.
Eventually, I got told that I needed to have a blog, to form the central structure of my business.
And I realised...

There Are SO Many Advantages Of Having A Blog In Your Business!

Things like:
It builds authority and credibility as a leader within your niche.
You can build reciprocity with your followers and subscribers, by giving them awesome content for free (this makes them WANT to buy your stuff).
It's the best way to deliver massive value in your marketplace and catapult your brand.
It "ties" the rest of your business together, giving yourself a real presence online.
You can monetise it with banner ads, opt-in forms and links to your paid products.
It's easier to drive traffic to a blog than to any other website, then you can push all of that traffic to your sales pages.
All-In-All... It's ESSENTIAL.
So, I decided to push through my comfort zone and learn everything that I could about blogging. I knew it could be done, because I had seen other internet marketers building great, big blogs with a BIG following...
...and making a LOT of money from it.
I wanted what these marketers had, but I had no idea how to get there.
I Was Struggling  - But Then, One Day, It All Just... "Happened"
I was sick and tired of trying and not getting anywhere.
I was fed up, disillusioned and to be honest I was going to give up. This was my lowest point.
But then it came to me:
Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I should just mirror what the successful bloggers were doing already.
They were certainly no smarter than me, and they had no magic powers.
I just needed to copy what was already working.
I had a look at who were the most successful bloggers out there.
I took a LONG hard look at what THEY were doing and analysed every aspect of it.
I realised that, with a few months of hard work and attention, looking at every aspect of their business infrastructure, I could finally get some answers and see WHAT they had been doing, to hit success.
I Understood Exactly What The Pro's Were Doing To Build A Blog, Generate Content And Fill It With Traffic!
As with most things in life, what I found out was amazing and so simple.
I was FINALLY able to create my own blog - in record time. Make it look precisely the way that I wanted and start getting traffic (and loyal readers!) fast.
All I had to do, was follow a proven system.
And now, I wanted to hand everything that I discovered, to you, on a plate.
This information is SO easy to follow and insightful, that you'll have your "AHA!" moment and start building your blog, instantly.
In this post I am sharing the ultimate guide.

IntroducingA Complete, No-Nonsense Guide To Launching Your Blog And Flooding It With Traffic... FAST!
I KNEW that I wouldn't be the only person suffering from "blogging blindness", and struggling to get started with this stuff.
So, I decided to compile everything that I had learned from my research, trials, testing and development, into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide... that anyone can follow.
I want to save you the months of time, struggle and discovery that I spent, learning how to get this stuff RIGHT, and so that's where this eBook comes in.
Even if you're a total newbie, you can follow through this process and kickstart your success with blogging, super-fast.
Here's Just A Snippet Of What You'll Find Inside:
What is a blog and WHY do you need one?
How you can get started TODAY.
The individual "pieces" of the puzzle that you need - and how to put them together.
Where you can find everything that you need, cheaply and quickly (sometimes even for free).
The best blogging platforms and which one you should choose.
How to develop an create content, even if you're a terrible writer.
The right way to capture leads from your blog and build a loyal readership.
How to FLOOD your blog with more traffic than you could ever need.
Optimisation and tracking techniques to get the very best out of every element of your blog.
How to create content effortlessly - almost on autopilot.
Techniques to captivate and catch the attention of your website visitors.
Much, much more...
I've worked hard to ensure that I've left absolutely NOTHING out of this program, because I want to give you everything that you need to get started.
It Really Doesn't Matter If You're A TOTAL Newbie...
My radically simple "Profit Blogging Formula" will work for you even if...
Even if you aren't an expert and have NO authority.
Even if you're a total technophobe.
Even if you're really bad at writing.
Even if you're just starting out.
Even if you don't know what niche to choose.
This Is A Proven, Real-World And Working System To Catapult You To Total Online Success!
I have designed this article to take ANYONE from a standing start, to a successful blogger... generating hundreds or thousands of followers, in a matter of weeks.
This is NOT some re-hased theory, that might work, if someone could be bothered to try it.
This is based on my REAL-WORLD experience, "in the trenches" and actually doing this stuff for myself.
I want to DRAG you away from the "push-button" promises that you've been sold over and over again... after all, we both know that's all BS.
It's time to forget about the "get rich quick" schemes and focus on a real-world system for building a real business.
Your blog is the FIRST step towards doing it.
Who Is The Profit Blogging Guide Actually For?
This is ideal for:
Anyone who is NEW online and wanted to build a business, but has no idea where (or how) to start.
People who know a little bit about blogging but are missing the important steps to make it work.
Someone who wants a scalable, step-by-step system to build a real online business, providing steady growth and income.
The truth is that this is MORE than "just a blogging training". it's actually a fully-featured guide to kickstart your ENTIRE empire online.
Sounds Great, Sean! How Do I Get Started?
The " Profit Blogging Guide " is a complete training article guide that is absolutely PACKED with value and will fast-track your route to online success in NO time.
I've spent months of my time for learning seo making this easy, 

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