GARI, India's First Ever Crypto Token: Major things to know

GARI, India's First Ever Crypto Token: Major things to know

What actually is a $ GARI token?

Short-form video app Chingari has entered the crypto field with its GARI crypto token. According to the company, GARI which is a fungible blockchain token, “will function as a governance and in-app money token in the future,”. The token is created in collaboration with the Solana blockchain.

Social tokens are digital assets backed by a person, brand, or community. The company’s statement was that “They allow creators to be paid fairer and to forge deeper relationships within the audience,”.

“We are introducing GARI as a social symbol to the Chingari community of creators, giving them government authority over future platform developments by DAO and creating a circular economy,” the video app continued to tell the people in their statement. The Chingari GARI tokens are supposed to integrate cryptocurrencies into the daily lives of content creators and viewers. Gradual use of tokens or coins will allow for the long-term, hassle-free adoption of tokens. The basic mechanics of the Chingari app will also help new users enter the realm with a “familiar short-term tool” to enter cryptocurrency.

How to use GARI?

Tokens that Chingari application users can use GARI tokens both inside and outside the application to interact with their peers and conduct transactions, send governance votes and increase platform engagement and base outreach Catalyze users. Four stakeholder groups that majorly drive the Chingari ecosystem: 1) content creators, 2) viewers, 3) advertisers, and 4) developers. The GARI token connects everyone involved in the network.

The application allows users to produce short videos and share them with the rest of the world. Gari tokens are awarded to the creators every time they create a video on Chingari. The Chingari program allows users to create and share short videos. Every time a creator creates a video, they receive a GARI token.

Viewers can also use GARI tokens for international purposes, including purchasing goods and services directly from a video or author profile. The things shown in the video can be purchased with GARI tokens. “Every single video that will be uploaded on Chingari is analyzed frame by frame and then all detected objects are compared to a live product catalog and each video is triggered to buy in real-time when it hits your feed. All of these social video trading transactions will be handled using Gari tokens in the future, “the company said.

The social token can be used to participate in governance as a method of voting on the direction of the platform and be rewarded with APY while driving the common goal. It can also be used to help YouTubers by tipping them. Tokens can also be used to purchase or gain access to specific content and services.

“The goal is to empower both creators and viewers with technological and financial tools to interact directly with each other and have control over the long-term direction of the social economy that affects the platform and the product,” the company said.

Chingari will allow content providers to incorporate Chingari skills courses as well as various elements (including digital content such as NFT) into their material. “Such transactions involve a fair exchange of an item at its fixed price paid in GARI,” he added. The GARI token has a total supply limit of 1 billion and an unlock structure that ranges from 200 to 300 million in circulating supply. “Our mission is to institutionalize the space and facilitate the growth and advancement of the underlying ecosystem and technology behind digital assets and blockchain,” said Sumit Ghosh, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Chingari.

Gari Coinmaket cap

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Gari Network

Gari’s registration date is not available and will expire on N / A. The name of the servers of this website is unknown. After reading the helpful content on, you already know the name of the registrar, which is N / A. Now let’s analyze the traffic of this website ( According to Alexa, the global ranking of this domain is 1004131, which will change shortly.’s IP address is, which is the IP address of Seattle, Washington, USA. The server location for this portal is 47.5413.122.3129 and the category is Buy Coin.

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