Ghost Tourism in Assam and North East India

Ghost Tourism in Assam and North East India

What is Ghost Tourism- Ghost tourism includes any form of travel or leisure that involves encounters with or learning about ghosts or hauntings. Three main elements of this form of tourism include hotels that seek guests on the claim of being haunted. Another definition simply has
it as a tour of places believed to be haunted.
The growing demand of Ghost Tourism in Assam , Paranormal society of Assam feel responsible to make you aware about the facts which are associated with Ghost Tourism.

Some facts about Ghost Tour Organizer in North East  : 

Paranormal Society Of Assam  has been the very first organisation in Assam which are going to conduct Ghost Tourism. We have discovered many locations for our tours including places like some haunted locations in Assam . We think that one day ghost tourism  will be  famous to our Assamese people.

It is very necessary for you to be aware of the following points before you register for a ghost tour In North East India :

Proper Permission : Check with your Ghost Tour organizers whether they have proper permission from the police or the property owner/authority to investigate a property. A permit from the Archeological Survey of India is required for most of the ancient sites in India. Check if the local police have been told of such a tour as well. Do you want to put yourself or your friends and family in trouble?

Credibility: Do not forget to find out if there is a legitimate history for the paranormal community or the promoters of such a ghost tour or whether they are a registered organization. In this area, there are those who are just not trained to really consider the science and psychological side of this field.

Safety Concerns: Check out what safety protocols they follow for your tour operator? Wild animals and venomous creatures are more at risk than a ghost in a haunted/ abandoned area. Ask if a doctor is available on the spot during the tour.

Do you get to see ghosts?

Maybe! Normally, it is a very hard job for them for a spirit to manifest visually. But during ghost tourism, there were a few fortunate tourists who had seen apparitions. They have also recorded irregularities on their cameras or recorded EVPs on their recorders during many of our tours. Few were touched and heard disembodied voices as well.

What to do when you visit a haunted location?

The key thing you have to do is to honor the spirits and your fellow travelers! Don't get too enthusiastic! The paranormal researcher claims that ghosts are also human and that they have the same emotions like those of a living human being. A lot of people start yelling and screaming about paranormal activity on a tiny brush up. Be in control of yourself and tell your tour guide about your experience if you happen to feel something abnormal. To stop any bug bites, do not forget to wear full clothing and boots. There are serpents and stingy insects and even mosquitoes in an ancient abandoned area. When you go out at such places, do take anti-mosquito creams with you. Bring a small box of first aid with you as well.

What to look for?

The place is most frequently full of rumors and tales. You need to find out if there's any merit to those stories or rumors. Note, for genuine paranormal research organizations, a ghost tour is not just a commercial experience, but also a research mission. Often add to the team at such locations with whatever experience you have.

Main Purpose of Ghost Tour in Assam and North East India ?

For us, Ghost Tours were an effort to make people aware of the paranormal reality and to help them overcome their unfounded fear of spirits and ghosts. We are trying to make you open-minded and fearless! Our main aim is to serve you with something Haunted with a fearless joy, curiosity, and adventure as we find out what the world of paranormal holds more.
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