God's Plan is Bigger than Your's
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God's Plan is Bigger than Your's

22 views • Oct 08th, 2020

Born in middle class Punjabi family my parents always had big dreams for me and my two sisters. From very young age we were taught to dream and dream big.

“Aim for the moon to reach the sky” is what my father always told me I took this a bit seriously. In school I always felt there is better place and more for me to see. Always looked at things from normal. curious, anxious and rebel is what I was called often by my school mates and in family. When my sisters played kitchen games I used to play boss boss. I always had this vision of myself from very early age of being business woman someone who gets to create, build, nurture and flourish in the opportunity created for herself and for others.

Though I had this constant dreaming of becoming businesswoman one day my mind wandered to other professions too. One point I wanted to be air hostess, jewellery designer and till I completed my school

I wanted to fashion designer. I remember wearing mom’s sarees perfectly even in my teens, skirts, dresses and everything about fashion excited me. My father was in export house he used to get whole lot of sequins gowns, skirts and dresses for us which was available for employees for free it was mostly rejected samples which were perfect for teen fashionista that was growing in me

 I used to watch Miss universe with wide bright eyes and often practiced the famous win wave and walk.

My dream was to take up fashion designing after graduation but my father couldn’t afford the expensive fashion designing course from elite academies like Pearl, NIFT etc. God intervened and took me to well known BPO to work post I had to give up my dream of fashion designing to support my family in financial crisis.  The highlight was me getting that job from 10 other much experienced candidates. In my HR words who met me in office later ‘In interview I was a sunflower blooming with all the sun shining on her’.

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