Gujarat Science City- How & what to explore
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Gujarat Science City- How & what to explore

19 views • Sep 12th, 2020

Why visit Gujarat Science City?

This place is well suitable to visit with family, kids, and students. Here are some points to consider for planning a visit.

Knowledgeable and Adventurous

It is a perfect place to take your young kids to get information about Science and Space in an interesting way. Furthermore, one must go for the thrill ride in a spaceship to Mars and feel the fun with family.

Good place for students

There are many science models in working conditions to acquire knowledge. Students can get their hands on working experimental models.

Learning experience for curious kids

This place provides a great learning opportunity for young and curious kids. There is a lot to learn about science and nature. The young kids can grasp the concepts of science with physical demonstration provided in the science city.

Must visit with kids

This place is huge and has a fantastic display of space-related activities, the prototype of rockets. There are two theatres providing information related to planet earth and space which will definitely hold you tightly.

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